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Saturday, November 14, 2009

LurkHere Nice Files to Download

LurkHere Nice Files to Download

  • Calibration for Zeros : The American translation attempt of the original Color HCFR Calibration manual. This is a work in progress, with apologies to the authors, for whatever may have been lost in translation. That first link is for a zip file containing a .docx file for the current version of Office, 2007..

    A zip package with a copy compatible with the earlier flavors of Office, 2000, XP, 2003 is also available, Calibration for Dummies.
  • HijackThis 1.99.1 :The previous update for the, first of it's kind, general browser hijack detector and removal tool. This tool helps identify and correct the exploit that takes over your prefered Home page and Search features.
    Please understand that the determination of what should be removed with this tool, is made by the user. Inappropriate deletions can compromise your system.
    HijackThis includes a copy of StartupList, that can be run from the HijackThis interface. Updated February 23rd, 2005
  • HijackThis 1.98.02 : A previous version of Merijn's Startup detection and correction app. Updated August 15th, 2004

  • StartupList 2.02 : The newest version of the efficient and effective program by Merijn that lists all and every autostarting app on your system. Checks Autostart folders, the Registry Run keys, Autoexec.bat, Stub Paths, ICQ Agent, Program extensions, Win.ini, System.ini, Wininit.ini, Wininit.bak, Winstart.bat, Dosstart.bat, as well as checking for duplicate instances of Explorer.exe and checking for superhidden extensions.
    Recommended for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP.   Updated November 9th, 2006 .

  • BootLog Analyzer : For the aging, 32 bit, Windows 9X systems. This utility can help sort through the listings in your boot log.

  • CDR Identifier : This tool was developed to read the ATIP from CDR media using a CD Burner. The ATIP tells who has manufactured the disc and what dye type they used.
    To use the program under Win95/98 there should be an ASPI manager installed on the system. See the next file from Adaptec.

  • ASPI Layer : This is a newer version than the layer that shipped with 98 and possibly ME. You may need to run this file, for the CDR Identifier to function properly. Some burning software and scanners will also benefit from this update. The NT kernel OS's (NT, Win 2K, XP) should not need this file.

  • Disasteroids 3D v1.3 : If your video card supports Open GL, and you liked the classic space shooter, try this ~475 K executable. Note: the Esc key toggles the Main Menu. Many options including key assignments are available.

  • Hubble Pix ScreenSaver : For all you Screen Saving Afficionados, I have loaded some of my favorite shots from the Hubble Space Telescope, merged with nice transitions. The download is complete with installer. Kinda big at almost 5 meg, but plenty of color depth.

  • Forum Spell Check : This is the script from PC911 that will add your Word Spell Checker to your Right Click Menu.  Yeah, pretty cool.  But, you need to be using IE 5 or better, and Windows Scripting Host 5.1 or better. So, I would also recommend you install Jason Levine's "Script Sentry", just to be safe. (On the OutLurk page...of course.)

  • The File Splitter : A Ghouldini recommendation. This Marc Bjorklund creation allows you to split any file into pieces of any size and later reconstruct the pieces to form the original file. You can span floppies, or break up pix for e-mailing. This is the latest and final version.

  • DUG_IDE : is a utility by Doug Merrett. "The purpose of DUG_IDE is to show you the low level information of the IDE hard disks in your system. It will only work with IDE drives. The information shown is number of heads, sectors, cylinders and model number, serial number and other IDE information." This zip includes the Program, the "C" source code and a Readme file.

  • WIPE OUT : As the name implies, this utility will absolutely WIPE your hard drive. For those times when an industrial strength cleaner is needed to remove any pesky files Fdisk may have left behind. A readme file is included in the zip file. WARNING...WIPE OUT will remove ALL data from the Hard Drive.

  • At the request of MicroSoft, LurkHere will no longer be making the Windows ME Defrag utility available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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