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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stealth RFID Screensaver Auto Locks and Unlocks a Computer - Video

Here's a cool Project. That uses an RFID Reader and a Screen Saver to automatically lock and unlock a Computer. Its fully Automatic. Only thing is... The first thing that I thought of, was... So, now all anyone has to do. Is steal his keys off his desk. And then they have... Not only Access to his Car and Home. But, Full Access his Work Computer, as well!:O Now, if it would work, with the keys still in his Pocket. That just might be a bit more Secure, all way around. Oh, and I think that the Stealthiness, is pretty much, all gone now. After he uploaded the YouTube Video;) Great work though...


Stealth RFID Screensaver Auto Lock/Unlock

Video Link...

RFID Screensaver Auto Lock and Unlocks a Computer

Hidden RFID reader locks workstation unless keys are present
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