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Friday, September 27, 2013

Scanner Modifications to Scan Large Documents by Matthew Petroff

Here's a great way to Scan Large Documents or Maps with a Flat Bed Scanner...


Scanner Modifications to Scan Large Documents

Your average consumer scanner works well for scanning normal printed or handwritten documents, usually anything up to Letter or A4 size. For something a bit larger, say Legal or Tabloid size, one can try to scan the document in segments, but the scanner’s lip, which is great for aligning smaller documents, becomes a major hindrance, and one usually resorts to scanning the document using a copy machine if one has access to one. This is fine until one has a document that is too big for a copy machine, e.g. what I wanted to scan—old maps. They’re too big to fit in a scanner or copy machine even if one tried to fit part in at a time; besides, one shouldn’t try that since they’re old and irreplaceable. One could photography them, but one needs a scanning back camera to get anywhere near comparable resolution, which are really expensive. That is where this modification comes in—modifying a low-cost, off-the-shelf consumer scanner to scan arbitrarily large documents in segments, which are then assembled via software.

We start with a Canon LiDE 90 scanner, although any scanner in the Canon LiDE series will do as they’re all similar.


And don't miss his Py Script that Stitches scanned image segments...


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