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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

igHome - iGoogle Alternative at

I'm trying out igHome, an iGoogle Alternative, The first thing I did was import my iGoogle XML Config File. But, as they warned, at the beginning. Very few of my iG Apps were imported. Actually, I can not fined even one, of 10 or 15 that I have on my iGoogle Home page now, that worked. This left me with allot of App Searching and Adding to do. I did some searching for Gadgets - Apps and I did find plenty to choose from. But, this was going to take a while. So, I Stopped there. Well, after choosing one of their Backgrounds and changing to one that I liked better than the default. I liked the overall look and layout. But, I don't like the fact that all of the Apps have Paging Windows, if the info is very long at all. I don't want to mess with having to page in every little window, just to read the text. It's all about Convenience, with these Home Pages for me. I don't mind Paging down one long page. But, finding each very small button to page each little window. Is a Pain to me. Oh, and the Pages on the site, were coming in very slowly today. I don't know if this is common or if there was just too much traffic on the site today... I'm also trying out, So, far I think I like it better. Most of my iG Apps imported, just fine and I got it up and running to my satisfaction in about 10 minutes. But, it's all about your personal taste, with these Home Pages. So, check em both out and there's more links below...


Go there...

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igHome - iGoogle Alternative
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Mona chatburn said...

iGoogle is good source for bookmark your favorite sites but unfortunate iGoogle is closed. I have also used the iGoogle but now it is closed so I found the iGoogle alternate i.e. Startme is a best alternative of iGoogle. It’s really safe, easy to use and completely ad free..

Don's Deals Blog said...

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I'm now using It's a good alternative. I like how easy it was to import my iGoogle Apps and I installed a couple new ones too...


Anonymous said...

I also agree with you that iGoogle is finished next month. I have found the best iGoogle alternatives from . Here you can get the detailed criteria for top 10 iGoogle alternatives. For More information please visit this website.

Don's Deals Blog said...

Thanks for the link, Right now, I still like the one I'm using,