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Monday, September 23, 2013

Make an Installed Apps List, from your Windows System

Here's a good Article, showing you several ways to make an Installed Apps List, from your Windows System...


How to Create a List of Installed Programs in Windows

When you format your hard disk to install a fresh copy of Windows, you lose all your installed programs. Then you have to start from a scratch, installing Windows followed by drivers, then security programs and finally all your user programs. Things become a lot easier and faster if you know what to install, and that means having a list of applications to install. If you want to start from where you left before you decided to reformat the hard drive, you will need a list of applications that are currently installed on your machine; a list prepared months ago will be of no use, especially if you frequently install new programs.
Let me show you how you can quickly prepare such a list.

Method 1: Using Windows PowerShell

Skipping on Down...

To prepare a complete list of installed programs we will use CCleaner.

Open CCleaner and then click on the Tools icon. On the bottom right of the program’s window, click on the button “Save to text file” and then save the list of programs.

This list is complete and far more useful then the ones created by Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell. The list includes all installed programs, the version number, name of the publisher/developer, install date and size.

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