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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Viktor's DIY: Lil Bang (Sound Trigger for Cameras)

Here's a great looking Audio Activated Camera Trigger....


Lil Bang (Sound Trigger for Cameras)

Now that I can take pictures of lightning I decided that I also want to be able to trigger my camera with sound. The design I came up with has the following features:
  • Controlled by a PIC micro (PIC16F886).
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Adjustable delay – i.e. the user can set how many milliseconds after the sound event the picture should be taken. (My uncle says it would be a lot better if there was a setting to define how much BEFORE the event it should trigger the camera – but that’s another project – for my Nobel prize later this year…J)
  • Operated from battery and/or external power brick.
  • Completely decoupled from the camera by opto couplers, so that no harm can be caused by the circuit to the camera.
  • Can be used with any camera that has a remote control input (direct, IR or otherwise).
  • Can also be used to trigger any other electronic device, e.g. flash

Meet Lil Bang - little bro of the Big Bang :)

If you like this project and would like to build it yourself all the necessary information on it is below. If you don’t feel adventurous enough to build it yourself but still would like to have it I can prepare you a kit or a fully built unit – drop me a line for more info.



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