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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

PCB Fab Tutorial - Comprehensive Guide to Home PCB Circuit Board Fabrication

This looks like a Great Step by Step Guide, to Home PCB Fabrication. I have been reading these type of Posts for the last couple of years now and this one has allot of good info. Honestly, I haven't read every word yet. But, I will go back and really study this one soon...


PCB Fab Tutorial - Engscope

A few years ago, I started experimenting with homemade prototype PCBs as an alternative to professionally fabricated PCBs from board manufacturing company. My company was flexible enough to give me some resources and time to explore the subject matter. What I discovered was that with a small initial investment, you can make reasonably high quality two sided boards. In addition, all the equipment needed was easily accessible. I’ve decided to put my findings into this guide. Hopefully some of my fellow hobbyists will find the information useful.

1. Intruduction

2. PCB Basics

3. Preparations

4. ECAD for Home Fab

5. Mask Fabrication

6. Pattern Transfer

7. Etching

8. Multi-layer, Tips and Tricks


PCB Fab Tutorial - Comprehensive Guide to home PCB Fabrication

Comprehensive home PCB fabrication tutorial
PCB Fab Tutorial | Engscope
01 Introduction | Engscope
02 PCB Basics | Engscope
03 Preparations | Engscope
04 ECAD for Home Fab | Engscope
05 Mask Fabrication | Engscope
06 Pattern Transfer | Engscope
07 Etching | Engscope
08 Multi-Layer PCBs, Tips & Tricks | Engscope
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