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Thursday, December 6, 2012 - Free and Open Source Apps CD ISO Image

Here's a Free and Open Source Apps CD and ISO Image, from You may be familiar with OpenCD. But Sadly, "The Open CD is no longer under active development. Technology from the Open CD is currently in use by the following projects, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, OpenDisc, Software Freedom Day. CD images are available in the archive:" (from, There's another Project OpenDisc (not OpenCD) that has put out a new Version. But, this Post is about
So, if you run Windows OS and want wold like a CD, full of Open Source Software, ready to carry around with you. Then, Check out

Don - Free and Open Source Apps CD ISO Image

Programs - VALO-CD version 8

Writing and Drawing



LibreOffice is a comprehensive office software suite
Alternative to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) or Microsoft Works


Edit digital images and create graphics.
Alternative to Adobe Photoshop


Vector drawing application
Alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw


Layout posters, magazines, books and other material for print.
Alternative to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress


Light tool for flexible diagram drawing
Alternative to Microsoft Visio


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Safe and fast web browser
Alternative to Internet Explorer
Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

Popular and versatile email application
Alternative to Microsoft Outlook


Chat via one program with friends on MSN, IRC and Google Talk.
Alternative to Microsoft Messenger


FTP, SFTP and SCP client for everyday file transfers


Transfer large files using the BitTorrent protocol.




Learn the constellations of stars on your computer.
Tux Paint

Tux Paint

Drawing program for children ages 3 – 12


VLC media player

VLC media player

General video and sound player
Alternative to Microsoft Media Player


Record, edit and mix sound.


Create beautiful sheet music easily for free
Alternative to Sibelius, Finale




Versatile compression program for various file formats


Light and quick PDF reader
Alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader


Create PDF documents from any program.
Alternative to Adobe Acrobat


CD/DVD burner
Alternative to Nero Burning ROM


Concentrated password management


Fast text editor with advanced features


Hard disk and USB memory encryption program
Alternative to BitLocker


Firefox by FLOSS Manuals

A guide created by FLOSS Manuals on the use of the Firefox web browser.

Thunderbird by FLOSS Manuals

A guide created by FLOSS Manuals on the use of the Thunderbird email client.

OpenOffice by FLOSS Manuals

A guide created by FLOSS Manuals on the use of the OpenOffice (now LibreOffice) suite.

Inkscape by FLOSS Manuals

A guide created by FLOSS Manuals on the use of the Inkscape vector drawing application.

VLC by FLOSS Manuals

A guide created by FLOSS Manuals on the use of the VLC media player.

Audacity by FLOSS Manuals

A guide created by FLOSS Manuals on the use of the Audacity audio editor.

CD contents

VALO-CD contains also contains guides, public encryption keys and other materials. If you don't want to download the entire VALO-CD, you can also browse it online directly from our website.
Browse VALO-CD contents
(requires IE7 or better, e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)

Security updates

In Windows the automatic update system updates only Microsoft's programs. Windows users have to take care themselves that their software installed from VALO-CD in updated regulary. The newest versions are available from the programs websites for free.
In Linux the automatic update system is able to update all installed programs and thus keep all security updates up to date. This CD is not meant for Linux users - if you use Linux, then install these programs from your own distribution's package manager.

What is VALO? –

The objective of the VALO-CD project is to advance the global information technological and economic progress by offering free software for use by as many people as possible worldwide.
At the same time we want to inform consumers, decisionmakers and technology providers about the advantages of free software.


FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) or VALO in Finnish, which also means light, have been published with a license that guarantees the users with the rights to use, copy and modify software freely – as opposed to conventional proprietary software whose licenses have the character of limiting the rights of the users. As the source codes are available, anyone can modify the programs. Enhanced versions can be passed along as well according to the licensing terms.
From the point of view of an ordinary user, FOSS means independence from a specific software producer. In FOSS one doesn't pay a license fee but according to a service rendered to the customer which guarantees that software businesses invest a larger share of their revenues in the development of software.
FOSS stops dangerous monopolies from forming and enables fair, primarily quality-based competition between software.Characteristic in FOSS is also the use of free standards and file formats, which promotes interoperability and cooperation between software.
"The development model of FOSS produces excellent programs for an open information society. Oppose a closed, user-restricting information society – prefer FLOSS!"
The greatest and best-known example of FOSS is the Linux operating system. However, this disc doesn't contain it but exclusively programs meant to be used on Windows. Meanwhile, most of the programs on VALO-CD are not dependent on the operating system and thus have Linux versions as well. Using the programs of this disc makes it easier to transition to Linux later, as most of the programs will have become familiar from the Windows side.

Free programs?

FOSS programs can be sold for sure, but as it's not allowed to restrict their distribution, the programs are free in practise. Other consequences of the FOSS development model include:
Vendor indepence
FOSS licenses enable getting support and repair services for the software from any party.
Open development work
FOSS projects work in an open manner: they publish information on their project pages about development ideas for the software and test versions of the software in development. Participation is open as well, as the development teams are happy to accept new members who have demonstrated their skills via their work.
Public bug database
Problems are not hidden but listed in a public bug database. Anyone can report in the database an imperfection they found or help solving a problem.
Public version control
The source code is most commonly kept in a version control system, where anyone can follow precisely who has done what changes to which files. A knowledgeable person can also fix bugs themselves and submit change data files to the project developers for acceptance.
Freedom of choice
Should collaboration with some software project not work for one reason or another, anyone can at any time create a new branch of the software and develop it according to their preferences. Software development is fast because the code from other projects can be easily utilised in one's own project. This model promotes birth of new FOSS software and the users have the real freedom to choose the best software from their point of view from a really wide variety.
Standard conformance
It's typical of FOSS to follow common standards whenever it makes any sense. This way the programs are widely compatible with other software. FOSS projects don't intend to gain or maintain a dominant position in the market but the primary intent is to develop good software that serves well its users.
Security and overall quality
As the work is public and the primary purpose is to serve users (the developers are most commonly users themselves), nobody has the interest to make anything else but secure and quality code. Because the code is public, the security is based on good architectural solutions as opposed to secrecy.

Even FOSS isn't end-all

Even though the way FOSS produces software is better than the closed models, one has to remember that it isn't perfect either. In the end, each software reflects on its developers and thus quality varies.
Practise has however shown that in the long term the evolution-like software development method of FOSS produces the best software.

Try for yourself!

Start by trying out the programs on this disc and by getting to know the communities and corporations behind them.

More information

The easiest place to find more information on FOSS worldwide is the Free & Open Source Software Portal by UNESCO.


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