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Monday, December 17, 2012

Beautiful Custom Made Hickory Wood Computer Desk!

Here's a Beautiful Custom Made Hickory, Wood Computer Desk!:) Check it out...


My Custom Computer Desk | Custom Computer Desk

I have been bouncing around an idea for a custom computer desk that is personalized just for me.  After remodeling my office and work area a couple of years ago, I was finally ready to have my desk built.

I did not want a desk that was nothing more than a cabinet designed to hold a computer case.  I wanted a desk that WAS a computer case. 

Now the most natural thing in the world to do, when taking on a new project, is to look and see how other people are or have done what you are attempting.  After months, even a year or better of looking for examples, I could only find one or two examples of building just one computer into a desk.

I knew some of the things that I wanted as an outcome for the desk.  They are as follows:

1.     Two built in computers.

2.     Dual 24” monitors on the desktop

3.     Built in Battery Backup, to allow for single power cord to desk to power everything.

4.     USB ports built into the desktop

5.     Integrated memory card readers, either in desktop or monitor.
   (either way, at arm’s reach and convenient)

6.     Built in external drive connections. (for working with hard drives out of customer’s computers)

7.     Speakers built into/attached to the monitors, to prevent desktop clutter

8.     Network switch built in, to allow for single network connection to desk.

I had this desk built for me a couple of years ago, and find that I actually still love it, and haven’t found anything that I would change so far.

The desk is made out of stained Hickory wood.  The top of the desk is a sheet of Formica that matches my work counters.  In the picture of the front of the desk, you can see the wooden (oak) exhaust fan grills.  I put a 120mm lighted (blue) exhaust fan for each computer drawer compartment.  This is more than enough to keep each computer from overheating. Here are some pictures of the finished product: 

Ok, there is a computer built into each of the bottom drawers that have windows.  The hard drives for each computer can be seen through the window in the drawers.

Now before I delve into the heart of the actual computer drawers, I want to cover some of the other amenities of my desk.  Such as the built in “Zio” USB ports on the top of the desk.


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