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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit 2012 - NASA EDGE live Webcasts

I watched it live on the NASA EDGE in Mauna Kea, Hawaii Web Cast and on Scottys Sky Ustream Web Cast. We couldn't see the Annular Solar Eclipse of the Sun 2012 May 20-21, here in Azle TX, because of the Clouds. But, I watched a Live Feed Online. It was actually fun to watch it that way. It was a Feed done by Scottys Sky. He had a live Audio - Video Feed going the whole time. He was in a Gas Station Parking lot. And he drew a crowd. He let people look through his Telescopes and gave out glasses to people, for free. So, that they cold look directly at the Eclipse. It was almost like being there:) He said in his last Web Cast. That he will Probably Not be doing the Venus Transit 2012. Because he has to be a Work. But, I checked his Page today and there he was Live and Online!:) I later heard him say, that he was actually in the Parking Lot, at his Job. And he was just letting his Telescope run on Auto Tracking, while he works. That accounts for the Web Cast being silent, most of the time. He does these Live Sky Web Cast's when he can. Check out his UStream Page and see his past Videos here too...


Rare Transit of Venus Occurs June 5: How to Watch Online

Date: 01 June 2012 Time: 07:09 AM ET

UPDATE: For a big list of live transit of Venus webcast details, and embedded players, read our latest guide: Watch Live! Transit of Venus Webcasts from Around the World
Much of the world will be able to witness a rare skywatching event on June 5, as Venus crosses the face of the sun in a spectacle that will not be visible again for more than a century. But for anyone who is not able to see the so-called transit of Venus in person, there are other ways to catch the historic event online.
While observers in many parts of the world — including North America, Europe, Asia and eastern Africa — will be well-placed to see at least part of the transit in person, several organizations are planning to broadcast live views using footage from various observatories and telescopes around the globe.


Live Venus Transit Webcasts

NASA is proud to bring you multiple ways to view this historic astronomical event. Use the map below, or the list to the left, to choose a live event. Not all events take place at the same time, and not all events will run through the entirety of the Venus Transit. So if your favorite location is not live at a certain time, enjoy some of the other webcasts and check back often.
The primary Sun-Earth Day webcast is being hosted by NASA EDGE in Mauna Kea, Hawaii. This webcast event will run through the entirety of the transit of venus, beginning at 9:45pm UTC (11:45am local Hawaiian time or 5:45pm EST). You can view NASA EDGE's webcast by finding Hawaii on the google map below, or clicking on the NASA Edge Logo.

View a Live Stream

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