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Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY microcontroller-switched power strip by Teknynja: Low-Voltage Controlled AC Power Strip

Teknynja: Low-Voltage Controlled AC Power Strip

Low-Voltage Controlled AC Power Strip

NOTE:  This hack involves working with dangerous voltage levels, which can result in property damage, injury, or death!  Proceed at your own risk.  If you are not comfortable working with power circuits and wiring, you may want to consider using something like the PowerSwitch Tail II from Adafruit instead.

As part of a larger project I'm working on, I needed a way to control five AC powered devices from a small microcontroller.  At work, we use Opto 22 G4 Solid State Relays in our industrial control systems.  They are small and convenient to work with, but I was looking for something more compact.  Searching around the web, I noticed that many hobbyist were working with Sharp S108T02 Solid State Relays, but doing a little research at Digikey I decided to use the similar Sharp S201S06V instead.

S201S06V Solid State Relay Diagram

Next, I needed to find a way to provide outlets to plug the controlled devices into.  I thought about using a project box and mounting three standard dual outlet wall sockets on it, then using a standard outlet cover on those.  That would work, but it would still be on the large side.  I then considered using a standard six outlet power strip.  I headed down to my local Home Depot to see what options I had there, and returned with a nice, metal cased power strip.  I removed the four screws holding the bottom on and checked to see if my relays would fit:

Ready for surgery


I've been thinking that I would love to have something like this, to Auto Reboot my Routers and Cable Modem, in Sequence. Modem first, then the Routers, in the order that they are, in the "Daisy Chain". I have to manually Reboot them, ever week or so, or my Internet Connection will slow down quit a bit. Also, I would like this to Auto Start them too, all in Sequence, in the event of a Power Failure. Something like this Project. Automating the shutdown of APC UPS devices. I don't have a UPS Battery Backup any more. Mine died and I can't afford a new one. It's a small Cyber Power unit. The Backup System no longer works. Nor do the AC Plugs on the Backup Circuit. But, the "Always On" AC Plugs still work. So, I use it as a 3-way AC Outlet. I have it plugged into a Protected Circuit, Power Strip, just in case the Protection Part of the Cyber Power is broken too. I've often thought, that if I cold learn how to build a new Circuit Board for my UPS. That I would include those features. This project has taught me allot towards that end. I do have a Big old UPS, form the late 80's or early 90's, that still works. But, the Batteries were dead, when it was given to me. I have it in my Van, connected to two 1000 Amp Truck Batteries. It works on 24 Volts. So, I have them wired to the UPS in Series. This makes a good AC Power System for running a Computer, with a CRT Monitor and one 60 watt light (that's it's limit) in my Van, without an AC Cord. It has a nice Power Usage Meter in it. So, I can tell if I over load it. I took out the UPS's warning Buzzer. So, that I wouldn't loose my mind, while running it on Batteries!;) I do not believe that this unit puts out "True Sign Wave" AC Electricity. So, I wouldn't put anything that I really cared about on this setup. Like a new Computer, Monitor or  Laptop. Not, unless I can get it checked by an Oscilloscope first. If I could build something like this. It would be great. But, after looking at the Parts. About $5 per Solid State Relay. Plus what ever the Control Board would cost. It may end up costing more than a used Stage Lighting Controller Setup. I know that they can be programmed to turn on and off each Circuit, most any way that you want to. And I think that that could be used for this, just as well. But, it would take up allot more space too...


DIY microcontroller-switched power strip
DIY microcontroller-switched power strip - Hack a Day
Teknynja: Low-Voltage Controlled AC Power Strip
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s101s06v_e.pdf (application/pdf Object)
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