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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Raspberry Pi - Seneca Fedora Remix 14 Release

I've been looking forward to the RaspBerry Pi coming out, since I first heard of it, a few years ago. And Fedora has been my Favorite Linux Distro for Six years now. So, this is great news for me! I like Debian too and Debian “squeeze” for the RaspBerry Pi is available now on their Site, I, of course, don't have a Raspberry my self. So, I'm still waiting and hoping to get one or two or three or four.;) Check out the Videos and the info below...


Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix launches

Video Link...

Seneca works with Raspberry Pi 

Video Link...

Fedora Remix for RaspBerry Pi makes the $35 PC useful (video)

The Raspberry Pi is a $25 to $35 computer that’s about the size of a deck of cards. But the little PC isn’t really much use without software to run on it — and that’s where Seneca College’s new Fedora Remix for the Raspberry Pi comes in.

A group of developers has optimized a version of Fedora Linux to run on the $35 computer and play well with its ARM-based processor. The complete operating system can be loaded onto a 2GB SD card, which would probably add just a few bucks to the cost of the computer.
The operating system comes preloaded with a web browser, word processor, and other applications, and users should be able to install third party apps.
Seneca’s demo video doesn’t just provide a look at the Raspberry Pi remix, but also Seneca’s build farm with a number of other devices with ARM-based processors.

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