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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magic Lantern announces free HDR video firmware for Canon DSLRs

Magic Lantern announces free HDR video firmware for Canon DSLRs


19:44 December 20, 2011

Magic Lantern's new HDR video feature - the blended image.

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Those cheeky gear hackers at the Magic Lantern team have announced a very interesting upgrade to their custom Canon firmware mod. As of tomorrow, owners of 550D, 600D and 60D DSLR cameras will be able to use a very cool new tool to shoot video in HDR, meaning that you can capture scenes where the lights would normally be too bright and the shadows too dark to get a workable exposure level. Check out the demo video after the jump.

Magic Lantern HDR Video X-MAS teaser from RedKiteMedia on Vimeo.

Magic Lantern is a non-destructive firmware add-on for certain Canon DSLR cameras. It opens up software options like extended exposure bracketing, focus stacking, extended long exposure shooting, and a wide range of video and audio assist tools that Canon chose not to include in the cameras' stock software.

It's a well-established piece of software with a pretty active community of users and developers continually improving the product - but it's been quite a while since we saw a marquee feature like this get added.

Read More and see Video on the Site...

Pretty Cool! Now if I just had the Camera;)


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