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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Raspbmc – the XBMC distribution for Raspberry Pi « Stm Labs

Raspbmc – the XBMC distribution for Raspberry Pi

This is one that I am happy to announce. Very soon, you'll be able to head over to for the RaspberryPi Media Center distribution, which will feature a simple, fast booting and auto updating system with XBMC media center. I'll be incorporating the following features:

  • Custom Linux distribution with minimalised kernel.
  • Auto-updating
  • UI installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X to allow installation onto a removable device
  • PVR / AirTunes / AirPlay / Spotify integration
  • Same stability and support as the Crystalbuntu Linux distribution
  • Expansive capabilities allowing the installation of a desktop and web browser
  • AFP, NFS and SMB file sharing
  • Configuration utility allowing installation of custom nightlies, audio configuration, update management,
  • Server mode – allows MySQL database hosting and Thumbnail sharing for XBMC multiseat systems.
  • 1080p decoding
  • Free!
  • Much more…

Cool!:) This is just what I had in mind for the Raspberry Pi... I want to build an HTPC for my Mom. Something that she can control with a Remote. And XBMC would be great for that. But, so far XBMC has been too Resource Heavy to use on the old PC's that I have now. This trimmed down version, sounds like just what I need!:) I'm already using my P4 with 1GB of Ram for my Web Video to TV watching. I'm running Fedora 14 on it. I prefer to use a Keyboard and Mouse, my self. But, Mom's not that familiar with Web Surfing and surly not finding Video to Watch. So, the Apps in XBMC would help her out allot, I think...


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