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Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Cloud Storage

These Cloud Storage Sites are all worth a look... Depending on your wants and needs.



Tonido is a software and service that once installed on any computer (Windows, Linux or Mac), can make files and media in that computer available anywhere through a web browser or from mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7).

It is a brand new way to access and share your files, media and other information with anyone around the world without having to upload to third-party sites first.


Access to your computer from your smart phone

With Tonido apps for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7, we have you covered whichever mobile platform you use.

With Tonido mobile apps you can:

  • Access all your files and documents
  • Listen to all your music on your computer wherever you are
  • Download files to your phone for offline access
  • Upload photos or videos
  • Share any file quickly and instantly to anyone around the world

Simple User Experience - 3 Easy Steps

Tonido is easy to setup and does not require any network or router configuration to work.

  • 1) Download and Install Tonido software on your computer.
  • 2) Create a Tonido account. The account becomes part of the URL for your computer (
  • 3) Use the new URL to remotely access or share your music, photos, calendar, files, and more from any computer or mobile phone. To share a file or folder, just select a folder or file and select "Share". Tonido creates a URL to your folder. Just send the link to others and they'll be able to see and download the file.


What can you do?



Powerful Applications
Using Tonido, you can access and share files, create photo galleries, stream music, stream video, download torrents, backup your files and even run a personal blog straight from your desktop. Learn More.
Personal Cloud Sync
Synchronize files without using public online service. Learn more
Easy to Setup
Tonido works out of the box. No network or router configuration required.
Secure Communications
Encrypted data transfer using SSL. Both http and https access to your content work out of the box.
Self Contained
After creating an account, it is possible to use Tonido completely self contained within your home, without any traffic going through external servers.
Total Privacy
Communication and private user information is neither monitored nor stored on our servers.
Efficient over LAN
Tonido installed on all your computers in your home LAN allows direct access using IP address with fastest possible transfers.
Available anywhere
Access Tonido applications online, offline, and remotely.
Access from multiple devices
Applications are accessible from any device with a web browser, including mobile phones like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone
Multiple Operating Systems
Supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Tonido is better than Public Cloud Services

Tonido doesn't upload your data onto external servers, but instead provides direct access to data on your computer.

  • You have access to 100% of your files from anywhere.
  • You don't need to upload any files. All your files are directly served from your machine.
  • Importantly, data stays with you, providing complete privacy and control.


Comparisons to Online Services

  Dropbox®/Microsoft Live Mesh® Cloud Based Services (Google®/Yahoo®/Amazon®/Apple®) Tonido
Access to all your Files No. Limited by Quotas No. Limited by Quotas Yes. 100%
Data Privacy No. Your data is stored in the cloud (3rd party server) No. Your data is stored in the cloud (3rd party server), targeted advertisements Your data is stored right on your computer
Can work offline No No Yes
Available Applications Sync Limited Sync, Access, Music Playback, Sharing, Blog and more. Extensible Platform
Sync Yes No Yes (Fully Private)
Works across devices Yes Some limited to their Mobile Platform Yes

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File syncing, on your own host

FTPbox is an open-source application that allows you to synchronize your files to your own host, via FTP. This way, you can access your files anywhere, without having to pay for disk space on some 3rd-party website!

Why FTPbox?


FTPbox lets you sync your files to your own host, via FTP. Just edit your files like you normally would and FTPbox will take care of the rest.


Use the SFTP protocol or select to use explicit or implicit TLS/SSL encryption (FTPS) to secure your file transfers.


Get links to your files, send them to your friends to share your files with them or use them to view your files in browser.

Access Anywhere

View your files directly from your browser, using the Web Interface.

Help & Support

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The only File Download that I saw was a Windows ".msi" installation file. So, Sorry Linux and Mac:(

...sync your files easy and secure, using the
TeamDrive cloud or your own server!
TeamDrive Content left
Get your free TeamDrive client software for Windows, Mac or Linux now:

- Easy secure collaboration
- Automatic encryption and   synchronization  
- Privacy protection guaranteed
- up to 10 GB free Cloud Storage
Download - TeamDrive Software für Windows, Mac and Linux
Quick Tour

Quick Tour Video Play A short video demonstrates what TeamDrive does for you. Watch on Site at Link Below...
TeamDrive Content right
TeamDrive Sinnbilder
Share, sync and backup

With TeamDrive, all employees or team members have access to the latest data and documents – regardless of where they work. Work offline, share your files and enjoy automatic version control, synchronization and backups. Private users, small companies and corporations all benefit from TeamDrive.
Security and privacy

TeamDrive guarantees you the highest data security without complicated administration. Its technology provides an unparalleled 256 bit end to end encryption. The encryption keys remain in your client to protect your privacy. No server administrator or service provider can Datenschutzguetesiegelview your content! TeamDrive carries the Seal of Privacy for IT products granted by a German public authority. more...
Free choice of server

Choose between hosted services, our pre-installed TeamDrive cloud or your own server. Each client can connect with multiple servers seamlessly. You can even use standard WebDAV servers and secure your files on MobileMe, Box.Net, Amazon and many more hosting servers. more... 
Kunden die TeamDrive nutzen

How much does TeamDrive cost?

“TeamDrive free” will cost you nothing and you can synchronize up to 2GB of data free of charge. You therefore have the option of using TeamDrive at no cost. Even in the free version, the encryption of your data and the security of your private information are guaranteed. If you want more storage space or additional functions, you can upgrade at any time to a version for which there is a charge. You can find other TeamDrive versions and details of storage capacity here.

License model: TeamDrive has a user based licensing model. Each user needs a TeamDrive account and a license (Free, Personal or Professional licenses). One license can be used on unlimited client installations by the same user (Desktop, Noteook, HomePC, Smartphone ...) and sync all his/her devices.  The license type depends by the users requirements. The "free" license stops automatic syncing after 2 GB (client side). If you share more than 2 GB with a person, that person needs a paid license. Each paid license can sync and share unlimited files and Spaces.

Only the Space "owner" pays for the server storage and needs to provide enough storage space on the server. You can use the TeamDrive Cloud storage or any other compatible storage, such as standard WebDAV servers (i.e. your MobileMe account or Box.Net ...)  or TeamDrive hosting servers. Each TeamDrive Client can connect and sync with unlimited servers.

FAQ Page...

Go there... ...
I have a Free account here. I got in wen it was new and I got 50GB of Free Online Storage & Backup. But, I have never really used it. Because it only works well with a Windows System. I Uploaded a few files from a Windows System, to test it and it did work. And, it now works with Firefox in Fedora Linux... Sort of... I can see my files and go through the Folders. But I can't upload any files. Because the Upload Buttons, Just Don't Show up:( Here's a Screen Shot in Firefox 10.0 running on Fedora 14 Linux. Where I put my Cursor, is where the Upload buttons are Supposed to be. They show up in the Chrome Web Browser in Fedora 14. But, I get a Java Error in Chrome and Still Can't Upload. I have Java Installed and working too!:O So, it's not worth the trouble. I wouldn't put any Important Personal Files on any "Cloud" Server in the Internet Anyway... And like I said before. I joined ADrive when it first came out and got 50GB of Free Space. But I haven't really been able to use it because it use to only work with IE. Now it works with Firefox, my favorite Browser. But not for Uploading. The don't give the 50Gig to new members now. But, they may give 5 or 10, not clear on their site now.

But, if you use Windows and a Compatible Web Browser. You may like ADrive...

So, What about DropBox?

Ya, it seems to be very popular these days... But there are others that give you allot more Space (as of 02-10-12).

The free Dropbox account comes with 2GB of space that you can use for as long as you like.

Need more than 2GB of space? We offer Pro plans up to 100GB to meet all your sync and sharing needs.

Want to see what Dropbox can do? Check out our quick tour.



Pro 50


Pro 100



Large shared quota, centralized admin and billing, and more! Learn more

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Here's one for the "Real Techies" out there:)

FileBunker Logo

FileBunker is a file backup application which uses one or more GMail accounts as its backup repository. Because each GMail account supplies 1000 megabytes of storage, it serves as an excellent facility for this purpose. Files are compressed and encrypted for security and efficiency, and can be restored on demand.

Download the most recent FileBunker release here .

Learn more about FileBunker by reading the Frequently Asked Questions.

Developers interested in contributing to FileBunker are encouraged to check out the SourceForge project page .

If you encounter problems using FileBunker, file a Bug. If you have suggestions for how to improve FileBunker, file a Feature Request. If you have general questions, file a Support Request.

  If you find FileBunker useful and would like to make a donation towards its continued development (you can on their site on this page).
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What is FileBunker?

FileBunker is a file backup application which uses one or more GMail accounts as its backup repository. Because each GMail account supplies 1000 megabytes of storage, it serves as an excellent facility for this purpose.

How do I get a GMail account?

Currently GMail accounts are by "invitation" only, which means you need to know someone who has a GMail account that can invite you. Ask that person to login to their GMail account and look for the "Invite a friend to join Gmail!" link. Presumably in the near future these accounts will be available to anyone similar to Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

What happens if I run out of space in my GMail account?

FileBunker automatically compresses your files so they will occupy less space in your GMail account. If your account becomes full, FileBunker will automatically delete messages that represent files that have multiple versions already backed up. FileBunker will never delete the last version of a file stored in your GMail account. You can also acquire multiple GMail accounts, and configure FileBunker with all of them. It will automatically "overflow" from a full GMail account to one that has space.

Can I use my GMail account while also using it as a FileBunker repository?

Sure. FileBunker accesses your GMail account to see how much space is available, and will only backup files to that account which can fit in the available space.

What do FileBunker backup email messages look like in my GMail account?

FileBunker backup email messages have a subject line like:
FileBunker: AAAA/ulSTECt9YxEAAAAAQ [0]

Will FileBunker backup emails clutter my GMail inbox?

Generally speaking, no. When FileBunker runs it periodically tries to archive these messages for you so you never see them. At times you may see some backup emails in your inbox. If so, just select those messages and Archive them.

Check out their FAQ for more info...

Online Cloud OS's

Also, you get 5 or 10GB of free Storage Space with some of the Online Cloud OS's. And you get all of the functionality of the free Cloud OS too!:) So, you might want to go that way. But, I did have the same Web Browser Issues with the Cloud OS's too. So, you will just have to try them out and see if they will work on Your System. There are several Variables, Operating System, Web Browsers used and Pug-ins, like Java and Flash... Each Cloud OS is Setup Differently... I searched on my Blog and found these. There is probably more on there too.


Here's some links...

Cloud OS's that I use
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CloudMe - Your files online

Free Online Cloud Storage
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TeamDrive - Sync your data fast and secure | TeamDrive
FTPbox - File syncing on your own host
Tonido - Run your own Personal Cloud
Tonido - Run your own Personal Cloud
adrive - Google Search
DonsDeals: Best Free Online Backup Sites
FileBunker - Browse /filebunker at
Dropbox - Simplify your life
Dropbox - Download Dropbox - Simplify your life
Dropbox - Terms - Simplify your life
Dropbox - Simplify your life

Free Online Backup
free online backup - Google Search
Best Free Online Backup Sites
ADrive | 50GB Free Online Storage, Online Backup, Cloud Storage
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