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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video - NBA Star Rick Fox: Online Media Is the Future

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NBA Star Rick Fox: Online Media Is the Future (7:02)

Rick Fox, who is known for his NBA, acting, and producing career, spoke to WebProNews about his passion for online media. According to him, “we are all received online.” Even when Hollywood turns people away, the Internet gives everyone the opportunity to pursue his or her passion.

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Yep, with the affordability of good quality Audio - Video Gear these days. People all over the Word are making good and interesting Shows to Watch. That and with the Spread of High Speed Internet Connectivity over the World... All the World is Truly a Stage! And I think it's great!:) With nothing on Network TV, but "Reality Shows" and CSI Cop Shows... Who's great idea was it to make Duplicate Content and Story Lines on Every TV Show!??? What ever happened to Imagination and Creativity!?!? I watch all of my TV Shows and Video Online Now. Everything from New TV Shows to old ones from 1963, to Shorts from Video sites like YouTube. And if you want Reality. Then it's all there to see! The Entertainment is Endless. I could never watch everything that would interest me in two lifetimes! And that's Great!:) I have my old P4 Computer setup just for watching Video on my TV Screen and it works Great for Me. It's an old Standard TV. So, I just set the fonts big enough to be able to read the text on my TV Screen. And put a Mouse and Key Board withing reach. "And I'm good to go"...


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