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Monday, November 14, 2011

Portable Linux Apps Which Work With Linux Distro's

Portable Linux Apps Which Work With Several Linux Distro's

I downloaded a few "Portable Linux Apps" form, the other day. When I was running LPS Linux from a USB Stick. Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) only has a few Apps and Firefox on in it, as it comes. So, I wanted a few Apps to use when running this Live OS. But, none of them would Run, at all. I figured that it was something to do with the Security Settings in LPS. Since, it is aimed at Web Security. Then later on... I Copied my Downloaded Apps from my USB Stick to my Fedora 14 OS. But, still no go. But, then I noticed, in the Error Messages when I tried to run the Apps. That they were all saying that the "so in so... Directory could not be found". And over the years I have learned that this sometimes happens in Linux when you Directory name has more than one word and has Spaces in the name. This can also happen in Windows OS's with "Portable Apps" that are not "Installed", and run from the "exe" file. I have noticed this in Operating Systems, from Windows 3.11 and on to my present OS, Fedora 14 Linux. So, I renamed my files and replaced all Spaces with a Dash "-" (without the quotes). That fixed the problem!:) I also replaced all of the Dots "." in the file names with Dash "-" too. Because my OS was using all of the Characters after the last Dot "." (in the files with Dots), as the file extensions. There were no file extensions in the files as Downloaded them. This didn't hurt anything, the Apps still ran just fine. But I just wanted to head off any confusion on my part later on after I have slept for a night;) Note, that Gimp, Thunderbird, Filezilla, Putty and VLC all ran ok. But not all normal features (that I tried) worked in them all. VLC wouldn't play ".flv" Video Files. But it would play, ".ogv", "mp4", ".wmv" files just fine. I guess all of the Plug-ins are not there. Gimp would not Open up any type of Image file that I tried ("jpg", "png" etc). Thunderbird opened up with all of my Present E-mails that are on my System, just as if it was installed. I'm guessing it would open to the Setup Screen, if there were no Thunderbird Configuration files found on a New or Live System. Filezilla and Putty worked normally, as if they were installed on the System. But, I also tried MPlayer and ffmpeg and they did Nothing. I got No Errors and the Apps Did Not Open and Run. I don't think that ffmpeg is supposed to run on it's own as a GUI App anyway though. It doesn't on my Fedora 14 System, anyway. It works like a Plug-in for other Apps like VLC, MPlayer and some Video Editors. That's why I downloaded it, in case it would help VLC and MPlayer Play and Convert Videos. Anyway, that's my Experience with "Portable Linux Apps" form Here's more info on "Portable Linux Apps"...

Portable Linux Apps Which Work With Linux Distro's
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