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Friday, June 17, 2011

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andys guitar

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From: godbyone  | Sep 30, 2010  | 49,942 views
prs santana md demo on a PRS guitar Santana md BERKLEE MUSIC SCHOOL ROCKS .MERCURY MAGNETICS mod ,tran and choke rich harmonics great note seperation sample of 3 different songs a demo of gear , trex delay is the best delay ive ever used warm and smooth made tapping stand out, tone tubby speakers,in vibroking.fender custom shop amp , primevibe seasoning device,2 hand tapping elixir strings makes the strings sparkle.easy to slide .on PRS Santana guitar neck. PRS 57/08 pickups have great tone if u can them go for it ,mercury magnetic mod tran and choke best mod PAUL REED SMITH thanks to paul r.smith. and larry urie at prs guitars for all thier help ,2 hand tapping prs guitar solo prs guitar demo keeley compressor, trex delay is on

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Man I love the tone and sound of that Guitar and Amp! Great finger work too!:)


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