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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everybody's Alone by Hana Pestle

Hana Pestle
  Los Angeles, CA   |  Alternative / Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Rock


hey hey everybody!


i think you all deserve a free download. i'm so excited to share this song with you. "everybody's alone" is a b-side off of my album "this way" that has never been released before! i wrote it almost immediately after breaking off the relationship that most of "this way" is about. i now have a more optimistic view of relationships, but hey, i was an angsty teen when i wrote it!

i am currently writing while on the road in the northeast. keep an eye out for new songs this fall!
hope you all enjoy!!!
click here to listen and download "everybody's alone":

Go Download the Song and listen to more by Hana...

Thanks Hana!

Great Song! Deeply Moving, with great music!:)


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