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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

About the people widget - Gmail Help

About the people widget

Email is just as much about the people you communicate with as it is what you’re communicating about. The Gmail people widget, located on the right-hand side of your messages, shows you contextual information about people you’re interacting with in Gmail.

You can communicate with individual contacts easily through the people widget, or just use it to find basic information. Simply click on the contact’s name on the right side. From there, you’ll see:

  • Information about your contact, which may include information such as their email address or occupation. This information comes from your account’s Contact Manager.
  • Recent buzzes your contact has posted that are visible to you
  • Recent email your contact sent you
  • Google Calendar events if your contact’s Calendar is shared with you
  • Google documents shared with both you and the contact

You’ll also be able to easily email, chat, or call your contacts using the call phones in Gmail feature, or edit contact details and settings.

Individual people widget

If you have several contacts on an email thread, you can look up individual contact information as described above, by clicking the contact’s name in the People widget list, which will open an expanded view of information about that contact. On a thread with many recipients, contacts are listed in order of who last responded on the thread, who is currently online and available to chat, contacts that whose chat status are set to ‘Busy’, contacts whose chat status are ‘Idle,’ and then contacts who you haven’t yet invited to chat before.

You can also interact with the whole group by using features like:

  • Start a group chat
  • Schedule a Google Calendar event with this group
  • Compose a new email message with all recipients on the thread
Group people widget

If you ever decide you don't want to see the people widget, you can do so by clicking the gear icon at the top of any Gmail page and selecting Mail settings. On the General tab in Settings, select the ‘Hide the people widget’ radio button. Then, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

updated 06/03/2011

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