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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hoax Forum Topic: Goatman of Lake Worth, Texas

Goatman of Lake Worth, Texas

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in McKinney, TX
Mar 18, 2005

For those of you who do not know this story, it is an old folk lore. Lake Worth is next to Ft.Worth, TX. I use to leave near here. I had heard the stories my self of a half goat, half man creature lurking on a tiny little island in the lake.

But, what doesn't end up in these stories is the fact that Carswell Airforce base is off the same lake, 1/2 mile away. Carswell AFB is one of the locations where the supposed "Rosewell" UFO and ET had ended up. Have anything in common???

Here is a little part of the story:

Lake Worth Monster: This case hit the public consciousness in the summer of 1969. While America was caught up in the moon landing, sightings of this hairy creature were being reported in the Greer Island area of Lake Worth in Fort Worth, Texas. The animal was described as being approximately seven feet tall, weighing in the neighborhood of three hundred pounds, covered with white hair and walked upright like a man. It was seen repeatedly throughout the year and during July the area was packed with locals who had witnessed the beast. At one point it was said to have become annoyed at the onlookers and hurled an automobile wheel and tire at them from the distance of five hundred feet. Needless to say, they leapt into their cars and departed the area post haste.

The last sighting of the creature that year was by Charles Buchanan on November 7. He was sleeping in the open bed of his pickup truck and was awakened when his sleeping bag was suddenly grabbed by a creature and was pulled from the truck. He stuffed a bag of chicken in its mouth and it shuffled off into the water and swam towards Greer Island.
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Go there and

I grew up in Azle, TX. Which is only about 6 miles from Lake Worth. And I remember "The Goat Man" very well!:) I heard the story about him throwing a Car Tire and Wheel too, when I was in High School. I knew one guy at Azle High, who claimed that he was the Goat Man! He said that he dressed up in a "Goat Head Suit" (not to be confused with the Album titled "Goat Head Soup";). He was tall, over 6ft. But I never believed that he was strong enough to throw a Car Tire and Wheel at anyone (as he claimed he did). I can't remember who that guy was now... But, I use to take my girl friend to the area to "Park";) It was very thrilling and sometimes a little Scary Parking in a car there at night!:O But, it was allot of fun:) Goat Island (Greer Island was the official name of the Island). Back then you could drive a car out on to the Island. There was and I imagine still is a Land Bridge going out there. It's very close to the Shore. And back in 1973 or so... You could drive on it, out to Goat Island. I believe there may have been a gate on it even back then. But, one evening, just before Dark. Me and my girl, were driving around on the winding roads in the area. I use to like to see just how fast I could take the winding curves in my 64 Chevelle. My Chevelle had a 350 engine, that I had put in it. But no Power Steering or Power Breaks and one of those small Custom Steering Wheels!:O Anyway, the little Land Bridge to Goat Island was narrow, but my Chevelle just fit. By the time we got to the middle of the Island, it was almost dark and feeling kind of Creepy out there. What we found, was a bit of a surprise. Instead of a Goat House, Den or anything like that... We found a Stone Circle, with a Camp Fire in the Middle. And it had been used Recently. Now, the thing that was creepy about this, was that it looked just like the kin of Stone Circle that I had seen in a Movie about Satan Worshipers!:O It was a Documentary that I had seen at the Clown Drive Inn, back when I was only 12 years old. I still remember that movie to this day! It showed a Human Sacrifice of a Woman. And it looked so Real! That I still wonder if it was, real!:( So, after seeing what looked like a Satanic Ritual Setting, on Goat Island. I was more worried about who ever set that up, coming back! Than a Goat Man. I never went out on to Goat Island again!!!


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