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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today’s Arduino Minute - Hack a Day

Today's Arduino Minute

posted Feb 10th 2011 3:25pm by James Munns
filed under: arduino hacks

Sometimes projects are vast, complicated, and complex. Other times projects are a bit more on the simple. Today we thought we would share a couple projects with something in common that may be familiar sounding to the more experienced crowd, but may inspire a few readers new to the world of microcontrollers.

First off, a cool decor tip looking to snazz up a college residence or bar is a guide for lighting up a shelf of liquor bottles using an Arduino to control a few RGB LEDs. This guide includes easy to follow schematics, source code, and a good explanation of using transistors to drive higher current to the LEDs than the Arduino could provide.

This six finger drum machine uses a Drum Kit – Kit AI to take in values from piezo sensors and convert those values into MIDI information to be used by either a hardware MIDI controller or PC. We like the CNC cut hand, and the design considerations put into it (like vibration buffering)

When moving beyond the buttons and LEDs in every starter kit out there, PIR motion sensors are usually a good next step. [LemonSlice] even goes so far as to add a a pair of XBees for making this motion sensor a little more autonomous.

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