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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Repair a Malfunctioning LCD - Hack a Day

Repair a Malfunctioning LCD

posted Jun 20th 2009 1:34pm by Nick Caiello
filed under: misc hacks, repair hacks, tool hacks


When most people encounter dead pixels on an LCD text display, they figure that the display is dead and they decide to scrap it. However when the LCD display on one of [Joe]‘s cordless phones started to show dead rows and columns of pixels, [Joe] decided that he could fix it. With only a pencil eraser, a hot air gun, and a screwdriver (for disassembly), [Joe] was able to fix his phone’s screen in just under 10 minutes. His process involves heating the glue holding the LCD’s ribbon cable to the phones PCB with a hot air gun and using a pencil eraser to reattach segments of the ribbon cable to the PCB. If anyone here has a problem similar to [Joe]‘s, be sure to check out his detailed how-to complete with step-by-step pictures.

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Repair a Malfunctioning LCD - Hack a Day
Repair a Malfunctioning LCD


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