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Saturday, February 12, 2011


I found this App in my Fedora 14 Repos and am trying it out...


Lightspark is a modern, free, open-source flash player implementation. Lightspark features:

  • JIT compilation of Actionscript to native x86 bytecode using LLVM
  • Hardware accelerated rendering using OpenGL Shaders (GLSL)
  • Very good and robust support for current-generation Actionscript 3
  • A new, clean, codebase exploiting multithreading and optimized for modern hardware. Designed from scratch after the official Flash documentation was released.

Getting Lightspark

The bleeding edge version of the project may be downloaded using git

git clone git:// 

Release archives are available on Launchpad. The current release is Building and installation instructions

Packages for ubuntu lucid and debian are available from the project PPA

Getting Help

Please report bugs and crashes on the Launchpad bug tracker. Reports on other media such as blog comments, personal emails, etc will be probably lost. It takes a short time to register on Launchpad and bug reports are critical for the success of this project. For more information about how to report crashes/bugs see ReportingBugs

To get an idea about what is supported currently, check the WorkingSiteList page. A list of supported features is available Features?

Getting Information

Frequently asked questions are answered here FAQ

Project updates and status report will be primarily done on our blog. You may also take a look at our RoadMap

Doxygen generated documentation may be found here

Some details about the work being done on the master branch is available here MasterWIP. Take a look before reporting issues and bugs about master


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