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Sunday, February 20, 2011

GParted 0.8 can recover data from lost partitions

GParted 0.8 can recover data from lost partitions

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GParted is an extremely handy LiveCD to keep in your technician's toolbox, and its new version features one very major addition: GParted 0.8 can now help you recover data from lost partitions. After analyzing your drive and doing its best to resurrect missing information from the partition table, GParted will now let you mount partitions it finds in read-only mode so you can copy your data to another drive.



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I've used GParted for Years, to Set Up My Hard Drive Partitions for installing Linux Operating Systems. It is a great, easy to use GUI App. The new features to help you recover data from lost partitions sounds great!:) I can't wait to try them out. I usually use TestDisk ( for recovering Lost Partitions. It is a Command Line only App. But it is easy to use and has good text instructions on how to use the App. Either way, you really need to Pay attention to the instructions. Or you may not get what you expect from these Apps. I also use QTParted (, which has some features and the GParted doesn't have. They are very similar and are Both Great Apps. all of these Apps can be found in most Distro Repos. I always install them in my Fedora, Debian Systems. I haven't tried the live CD yet. But I just downloaded it and will give it a try soon...


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