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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ailurus - Project Hosting on Google Code

This is a pretty cool Linux Tweaking App. I'm trying it out now and I have already found some new Tweaks and Apps that I forgot about or never heard of. And I've been running Fedora and Debian Linux for over 5 Years!:)....


What is Ailurus?

Ailurus is cross-Linux-distribution GPL software. It is a simple application installer and GNOME tweaker, which aims at making GNOME easier to use.

Who is the target audience of Ailurus?

The target audience of Ailurus is the GNOME users.

What does Ailurus hope to do?

Ailurus hopes to reduce the difficulty which newcomers encounter when they are using GNOME.
Ailurus hopes to promote popular open-source software.
Ailurus hopes to promote open-source software which is elegant but has not entered official repository.

What can Ailurus do?

Ailurus can ...

  • display Linux skills
  • install popular software
  • change GNOME settings
  • display hardware information
  • enable some third party repositories#
  • clean apt/yum cache#
  • backup and recover apt/yum status#

the features marked with "#" support Ubuntu/Fedora only

How does Ailurus do this?

Ailurus invokes apt-get / yum / pacman, to install software.
Ailurus invokes GConf API, to change GNOME settings.
Ailurus invokes PolicyKit, to do authentication.
Ailurus reads files in /proc and invokes lspci to get hardware information.

Is Ailurus a replacement for apt/yum/pacman?

No. Ailurus will never be replacement for any package manager, such as apt/yum/pacman.

Does Ailurus duplicate PackageKit efforts? Is Ailurus re-inventing a wheel?

No. Ailurus is not re-inventing a wheel. Ailurus will never duplicate PackageKit efforts. Ailurus is different from PackageKit, because

  • PackageKit list ALL rpms. Ailurus list only less than 100 rpms.
  • Ailurus can do something which PackageKit cannot do, e.g., change GNOME settings.

Why not implement the features in PackageKit/synaptic/shaman?

Ailurus is a test bed for new features. If developers in other projects wish to merge features from Ailurus, welcome!

Do Ailurus uses native packages when possible?

Yes. Since version 10.05.91, Ailurus begins to use native packages when possible.

Can Ailurus install close-source software or proprietary software?

No. Ailurus will never install close-source software or proprietary software.

Is there a document about how to use Ailurus?

Yes, here it is!

Which Linux distributions does Ailurus support now?

Now Ailurus supports Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, ArchLinux.

What is the screenshot?

How to install Ailurus?

If you are using Fedora, please run "yum install ailurus".

If you are using ArchLinux, please run "yaourt -S ailurus". AUR PKGBUILD is maintained here.

Otherwise, open, download the installer then double-click it to install Ailurus. :)

How to propose suggestion?

Please write suggestion on

How to enable Ailurus repository?

How to get involved in Ailurus development?

The source code is at

A guide is at

How to translate Ailurus into your local language?

Help to translate Ailurus at

What's the latest development progress?

The latest development progress is published at

Go there...

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