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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Openfiler 2.3 Active/Passive Cluster (heartbeat,DRBD) With Offsite Replication Node | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

Cluster (heartbeat,DRBD) With Offsite Replication Node

Openfiler 2.3 Active/Passive Cluster (heartbeat,DRBD) With Offsite Replication Node

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Submitted by wayner (Contact Author) (Forums) on Sun, 2011-02-06 19:40. :: Linux | High-Availability | Storage

Openfiler 2.3 Active/Passive Cluster (Heartbeat, DRBD) With Offsite Replication Node


Openfiler is a Linux based NAS/SAN application which can deliver storage over nfs/smb/iscsi and ftp. It has a web interface over that you can control these services. The howto is based on the Howto from Kyle Gililland. A lot of thanks to him for this.

The cluster we build will consist of two nodes replicating each other and taking over services and storage in case of emergency. Furthermore we have an Offsite Replication Server, which ideally stands in a physically different position and replicates the configurations/storage from which ever node is active. In case of emergency this Offsite Replication Server can be used to restore the cluster and to deliver the services.

I used the Openfiler VMware Images 2.3 x86 and Openfiler 2.3 x86 Installation Media to test out it this howto. Hopefully you will be able to repeat my steps and have a safe and cheap Storage Solution.



  • 1. Installation
  • 2. Prepaire the partitions for DRBD
  • 3. Create basic heartbeat configuration
  • 4. DRBD Configuration
  • 5. Prepaire the configuration partition
  • 6. Initiate Data/Storage partition
  • 7. Create final heartbeat configuration
  • 8. Enable/Disable sytem services
  • 9. Test failover on node1 and node2
  • 10. Test recover of filer01 and filer02
    • 10.1 DRBD Configuration
    • 10.2 filer01 and filer02 redo configuration
    • 10.3 Retake resources and run cluster again
  • 11. Use Replication Node as Main Node
    • 11.1 Finished Replication, how to turn Replication Node in standby again
  • 12. Add another Storage Partition




  • 3x boxes that meet the minimum hardware requirements of openfiler
  • 2x ethernet interfaces at each box

1. Installation

In the Installation process of openfiler leave the portion of the disk you wanna use for Storage Services unused. In this case it was a second harddisk in each system. We create the partitions for Storage Replication after the installation.




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