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Sunday, June 13, 2010

YouTube - Ferdinand GT3 RS - New Car in World

My Dream Car!:) See Videos...

Ferdinand GT3 RS - New Car in World

FERDINAND GT3 RS - The World`s slowest Porsche

World’s slowest Porsche, still faster than my car

posted Jun 13th 2010 4:10pm by Jakob Griffith
filed under: transportation hacks

Well, maybe the title is not so true. This “Porsche” GT3‘s construction is a bit unorthodox, the chassis looks to be aluminum tubing, with bicycle tires and other man-powered parts for propulsion. The body is entirely plastic and tape, yeah…gold…foil…tape. Hey, when you really really want to turn someones head.

Regardless, the car even comes complete with working lights, horn, doors, trunk, and lexan windows. Sure it will never go 0 to 60 (yet), but the mileage is amazing! Follow an amusing video of it after the rift.

[via OMGsoysauce]

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