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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jumping robot looks like a product of Doctor Wily - Hack a Day

Jumping robot looks like a product of Doctor Wily

posted Jun 25th 2010 11:34am by Mike Szczys
filed under: robots hacks

We love it when footage of a robot prompts a “holy crap” response from us. This little guy, a product of the Chiba Institute of Technology, uses four rods as a suspension system for jumping. The bulk of the bot can be moved up or down, using its momentum to raise the wheels and jump to the next level. Check out the clip after the break to see how getting down involves a controlled fall as graceful as a dancer. Doctor Light better get cracking on another robot to take this one out when it turns on us.

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I See the Coolest ATV Ever!!! When they make it a Big enough for Me and add a nice cushy seat that is!:)


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