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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 destroys Chrome 6 in HTML5 speed test (video)

Internet Explorer 9 destroys Chrome 6 in HTML5 speed test (video)

I think the video speaks for itself!

If you can't watch the video: IE9 is some orders of magnitude faster than HTML5 when it comes to hardware-accelerated canvas rendering.

In some other initial benchmarks, IE9 is about 30% slower than Chrome 6 in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark -- and about 10% faster than Firefox 3.7.

I also tested FishIE with Opera and Firefox -- and believe it or not, Opera's a lot faster than both Chrome and Firefox!

Anyway, if you missed the news, IE9 developer preview 3 came out earlier today -- Lee's post has more info, if you're curious, or simply download it now.

Update: Firefox 3.7, with hardware acceleration enabled, keeps up with IE9 -- check the video.

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Well, the first thing I noticed in the Test Video is that the Chrome side of the Test seems to be activated 10 to 20 seconds after the IE side, every time. This looks like it gives IE a big head start. And if IE is getting the changes first. Then there is something I have noticed during my last 12 years of Web Browsing with IE, Netscape, Firefox and lately, Chrome too. Not to mention a few short stints with some of the other Browsers out there. When you have two or more Windows or Tabs open and go to sites with Flash or Java Apps embedded. The first page that you open always loads almost to completion before the other page will even start loading. I think this is what is going on in this Test. And besides... Are we really expected to trust a Test App made by MS and for IE to test other Browsers Effectively and Honestly. I mean this is Microsoft we are talking about here... At any rate, even though Firefox has slown down some in the past couple of years. There are still so many other features that I can't do without. The way it handles your Bookmarks (that's Favorites to you IE users), E-mailing the page you are viewing (have to install a cumbersome Addon to do this with Chrome) and then there's all of the millions of free Addons for Firefox. I wont be switching until something with all these features comes out and it is faster too;) Oh! and Besides. Anything newer than IE 5 or 6 (if you have an old full IE.exe lying around... wont install on Linux anyways!;)


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