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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Linux Desktop Stigma Draws Ire and Fire

Linux Desktop Stigma Draws Ire and Fire

by Ken Hess on Jun 17th, 2010
Is it true that, if you speak up for GNU/Linux on the Desktop, you get flamed? I just had a virtual conversation with someone who claims that this assertion is fact. I've never experienced this anti-Desktop Linux sentiment or maybe my memory has failed me. I don't think the Linux Community would take a stand against it. The Apple Community is too glazed over with iCrap to care what we do. But, there is one "community" that might take issue with Linux on the Desktop. Who could it be? I'm having a little trouble coming up with the name, though I think it rhymes with Shmindows.

But, can we, the Linux Community, really point fingers at Shmindows fanboys and not take a little blame ourselves? We, I'm sorry to say, are equally guilty.

The problem is that over zealous fans of anything tend to be inflammatory when it comes to their favorite whatever it is. And, on top of that, these zealots feel as if they must comment on anything related to that favorite thing--often to the detriment of the entire project that they themselves defend. Unfortunately, the Internet provides everyone a virtual spray can with which they must "tag" their opinions on every virtual wall they find in opposition to their own narrow viewpoints.

But, you have to ask the question, "Why come out so strongly against something that someone chooses to use just because you disagree?" If you don't believe that it happens, just check out these two awesome*, intellectual** rant sites: Linux Haters Blog and LinSux. It's also awesome that these folks have so much free time on their hands that they aren't contributing to society by volunteering or creating something for the good of all. But, they sure love to criticize those who do.



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