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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cool guns, real and made for Movies - Shobarys Spaghetti Westerns - Guns

'Sabata' & 'Return of Sabata':

Sabatas four barreled gun is a fake. Roughly based on a Derringer, Sabatas gun also has three extra barrels concealed in the grip.


In 'Return of Sabata', Sabata also has a "sqeeze gun". Very exotic and rare. 7 shot .32 rimfire, nickel plated palm sqeezer pistol called "The Protector". Made by "The Chicago Firearms Co." circa 1900.

A quote from 'Return of Sabata'. Sabata: "-I bought this weapon, same as yours a year ago for $12. Now if you are going to charge me $24 here, taxes or not, that sounds like legalised theft." Gunsmith: "-Never mind mister, we don't like stranger with tough talk."

Today it's worth about US $1500 to $2000. .32 rimfire cartridges could be hard to find today, but they are still manufactured in Brazil.

Also makes an appearence in Johnny Yuma and can be seen in the gunshop in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (below)




The "flip board" duel guns in 'Return Of Sabata' are Sharps Derringer Model 1859 cal. .22. Also chambered for cal .32.

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