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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fotobounce - Photo organizing with face recognition

Fotobounce, Feeling Photo Sensitive?

Keep your photo memories confidential with Fotobounce!

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Now you don't have to upload all of your photos to a public website to share them. You probably have thousands of photos and that would be a big problem. We don't think it makes sense. With Fotobounce you can manage all of your photos on your desktop or laptop computer, and share only the photos you want to share. Version 3.0 of Fotobounce allows you to create a network with your friends and family. A private network where you are in control and define what is to be shared.

Fotobounce has always employed advanced photo organizing techniques including the use of face recognition to save time tagging your photos. Our organizing style is people-centric because that is how we believe people manage and share their photos.

You can also connect to your photos remotely from an iPhone or Blackberry using Fotomobile. You can export your photos to a USB stick or a digital photo frame. You can create masterpiece print products such as photobooks, posters, calendars, and mugs through our print partners.

Click here for a PDF of Fotobounce V3.0 Highlights.
FotoBounce Screen Shot

You can connect to Facebook, Flickr and AirSet with full two way transfers of photos. Fotobounce is still the best solution around for working with Facebook!

  • Create private photo sharing networks
  • Transfer full resolution photo images
  • Identify and tag family & friends
  • Built-in face recognition
  • Organize your photos by People
  • Facebook, Flickr and AirSet integration
  • View photos from your mobile device

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