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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sears Handheld Belt Sander Converted To Bench Sander - Belt Sander Stand

I have a Sears Belt Sander, almost identical to the one in this Project. I often flip it over on a Bench, to use it in Small Parts. Wooden and Metal too. It's a quick and easy De-bur Tool. And great for sanding things to the shape and size, you need. But, setting upside down, it is a bit hard to grab hold of it, to keep it still. Without getting ahold of the moving belt. And the On - Off Switch is a bit harder to reach too. I always use a Power Strip, for it's built in Switch. As a way to turn it off, in a Pinch. But, that small switch, it a bit hard to hit with your Boot, in a hurry. I've been thinking of making a Stand, for it, for quite a few wears now. But, never got a round to it. Today, I found an Article, on how, a guy. Built one for his Sande. And I like the design. He, even added a Connector for a Vacuum. Which is something I would really like. My Sander actually has a Bag, on it, to collect Dust. And it does help. But, you can't leave it on, when it's setting upside down on a Bench. I figured I could make a Reducer, to connect a Vacuum Hose, to mine. Since the Connector on my Sander is about 1.25 inches in Diameter. And my smallest vacuum hose is much bigger, than that. Anyway... Here's the info on the  one that Built...


Belt Sander Stand

Make a stand for your belt sander and free a hand!


Sears Handheld Belt Sander Converted To Bench Top Unit

Handheld Belt Sander Converted To Bench Top Unit | Hackaday
Belt Sander Stand
Make a footswitch, become a monkey.

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