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Friday, May 8, 2015

Nazi Attack on America - NOVA PBS Video

This is a very interesting story. About German Subs (U-Boats) in WWII. That attacked and Sunk, American Ships. Just Off the Cost of America and in the Gulf of Mexico, during WWII. One, was sunk in the Gulf. But, the Captain, who reported sinking the U-Boat. Was not given Credit for it. One U-Boat, even sent German Spies, ashore and into American Cities. In this Video, a Team, investigates, the whole thing and tries to set the records straight. Check out the Video and more links below...


Nazi Attack on America

A sunken German U-boat off the coast of New Orleans tells the story of Operation Drumbeat. Aired May 6, 2015 on PBS

Go there, read more and watch the video on the Nova Site...

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