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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CNC Setup Tool - Open Source DIY Digitizer for converting physical objects into virtual drawings - FabLab RUC

Here's a great looking CNC Setup Tool. It's an "Open Source DIY Digitizer for converting physical objects into virtual drawings." My first Job, back in the early 1970's. Was in a Machine Shop. I liked the idea, of being able to make, most anything. With these Machines. But, of course. They were very expensive. Not, so much so, these days. You can find many original, Made in America (and Foreign Made). CNC and Manual Machines, for Sale Online. And some, go for between $500 and $3500. The bigger CNC Machines, still cost upwards of $10,000 plus. I'm talking Government Surplus, here. Not completely Rebuilt Machines. But, if you know how to fix things and are a quick learner. I think they could be fixed up and be used for years to come. And some are still working well and ready to go too. I still can't afford one, for my self. And I don't have a Shop, to put them in. But, if I did... I would want a Bridgeport Mill and a Metal cutting Lathe. The manual Models. Are what I used, as a Tool Maker, in the 1980's. You could make, many things, wit just these two machines. And the Place I worked, then was an Air Craft Manufacturing Plane. We made F-16 Fighter Jets, there. So, I was very familiar with the Big CNC Machines. But, I didn't learn to run the CNS's. I just did one off, parts, that were needed for the Sheet Metal Forming Tools. That we made and repaired, in our Department. We made Router Jigs too. I wold have liked to be able to make things, that I dreamed up. On a CNC. And be able to design and sell things, that I made. Today, this is actually possible, for a regular, non Billion Air, Guy... And with the 3D Printers, of Today. Plastic Parts, can be made, easily too. But, I'm still a Metal and Wool Guy. I was also, a Cabinet Maker, in the 80's. I love to work with Metal and Wood. I'm not so fond of Plastic, my self. But, what ever material, you like to work with. The Cool Tools, available, have never been more Aces sable, than they are today. Still, there are some, things. That can hold you back. Even if you can buy, these Tools. Number, one. I would, say. Is knowledge and experience. It takes Study and Hands on Experience. To be able to make things, with these Machines. But, this Open Source Tool, below. Could help allot, in one of the hardest areas, for me. The Math... This creatively simple Measuring Device. Could speed up your Projects and make is much easier to make accurate measurements, of Psychical Objects and get them into your Computer, for CNC Machines, to do the Work. Check out this Open Source DIY Digitizer for converting physical objects into virtual drawings, below. See the Video, for a quick intro to the Project...


DIY Digitizer

Nikolaj Møbius constructed a simple digitizer which can record points in a physical space and convert them into a 2D vector drawing for laser cutting and 3D printing.

Current solutions for converting physical objects to virtual drawings are somewhat limited. Most of them use some version of 3D point cloud which you either have to print as-is or modify as a messy blod of vector points.

When engineering mounts, precise objects and attaching objects to existing surfaces one usually only need the relationship between a few points. To solve this Nikolaj made an arm which knows its position in a 3D space. By positioning the arm he is able to record their relative position. This is then saved as a PDF for further processing or laser cutting. See the video:

Schematics for making your own:

Read More and see videos...

CNC Setup Tool - Open Source DIY Digitizer for converting physical objects into virtual drawings

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