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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Electricity - How to Convert an Old Washing Machine into a Water Powered Generator - YouTube Videos

Here's an interesting How To Video Series. On, How to Convert an Old Washing Machine into a Water Powered Generator. I'm always dreaming of different Tools, that I could make from Old Washers, Vacuums or what ever comes to mind. Like a Washer - Table Router, for Wood Working. A Standup Floor Vacuum, Converted to a Drum Sander. I a Vacuum, in the Garage, that would be a great Candidate, too. But, living in the USA (Texas). I have never seen a washer. Designed, like this one, in the Video. I believe, it is made in Australia. All of the Washers, that I have eve seen, here. Have Metal Tubs. And big Electric Motors. That are, separate from the Tub. Mounted off to the side. But, then again we have a 40 to 50 year old Maytag. And yep, it's still going strong. I've done a few repairs, on it over the years. I replaced the Water Valves, Hoses etc. But, the Tub, Bearings, Motor, Transmission and even the Control Modules, all still work as they should. So, It's not yet a candidate for Re purposing. I like the various and interesting ways. That People, are making there own Electric Generators. Out of other things. Electric Motors, Ceiling Fans etc. So, this one, really caught my attention. The first video, that I watched on this Washer Generator Conversion. Showed a bit more detail, on the Build, Free power from a recycled washing machine, generating enough to live off the grid - YouTube. But, had only Text Captions and no Audio Narration. He has more details on each step of the conversion, on his YouTube Channel, Angry Ram, as well. Here's the link to, F&P washing machine stator rewiring tutorial - YouTube. The rest show up as Links in this video, as you watch it. Check out the Related videos too...


Published on Jan 24, 2014

-New Improved model-
WARNING: This video is intended for information purposes only, working with electricity can be dangerous, If you are not qualified, please consult an electrician before attempting any wiring shown in this video.

I've been living off the grid for a few years now, using a converted water powered F&P washing machine motor to generate more than enough power to run all the appliances & hot water I use in my cabin in the woods in Nelson NZ, as well as powering all the tools I use in my workshop. In that time I've saved many thousands of dollars from not having to pay power bills. In this detailed video I'll show you how it's done.

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    Free power- How to convert an old washing machine into a water powered generator

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    How to rewire an old washing machine motor to generate free power

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    Harvesting 50 litres of organic Manuka honey from my beehive & checking for AFB & Varroa

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    Extreme enduro - XR650 climbing a steep narrow forest track at high speed. Gopro helmet cam

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    How to make a cheap charge controller for Solar,Wind & Hydro using a programmable logic controller

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    Easy to build firewood unloader / load handler - A step by step guide

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    Free power- How to convert an old washing machine into a water powered generator

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    Excavator cutting a mountain bike / motox track on a steep slope

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    Loading digger onto a truck without ramps

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    Easy to build Hydraulic log splitter

  53. 79

    Homemade smartdrive pelton wheel making enough electricity to power a home

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