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Friday, March 2, 2012

These Two Tag Editors together EasyTAG and Kid3 ID3 Tagger. Make Audio File Tag Editing Easy for Me.

Easy Tag editors for MP3, Ogg Vorbis and other Audio Files. These Two Tag Editors together EasyTAG and Kid3 - ID3 Tagger. Make Audio File, Tag Editing, Easy for Me. I use them both. Each one has features that I like and need. Like, Putting the same Copyright and other Tags in many files. Adding Album Cover Pics, Auto Removing Under Scores and % signs from Titles and File Names too. I'm not just Editing Tags for my Music Collection. I Editing Tags in my Own Music Files. I'm a Singer Song Writer and have two Albums out. They are on my Web Site, and available for Free Downloads, by the way. I edited those Song Files Tags, several years ago. What I'm doing now, is. Getting ready to up some files to MySpace and other Sites like that. I already had EasyTAG and Kid3 - ID3 Tagger installed on my System. But, of course I couldn't remember their names. I use Tracker Desktop Search Tool in my Fedora 14 System to find all of my Files and Apps, when I need them. I found EasyTAG right of the bat. But Kid3 ID3 Tagger... I almost didn't find it at all. I knew that I had several Tag Apps on my System. But I have over 2000 Apps on it! So, I kept on changing my search terms. I love KDE Apps. But, why do they give them such hard to find and remember App Names!:O Anyway... It's been a while since I messed with my Audio File Tags. So, I had to experiment with both Apps to get the feel for them. I started with EasyTAG and it is nice. But, I didn't see an easy to Put the Same Tag in many files. I did like the added fields in the ID3v2.4.0 Tags. But, only shows and edits ID3v1.1 Tags. And I'm sure that there are still some players that only read the ID3v1.1 Tags. So, I want to be Backwards Compatible. So, I added the info for the ID3v2.4.0 Tags in EasyTAG, along with a few Album Cover Images. Then I used Kid3 - ID3 Tagger, to Copy my Copyright and other fields from that one file to all of the rest. Later on I realized that I could Drag and Drop Images from Nautilus, to Kid3. And that was faster than going through all of my Directories, every time I wanted to find a new Image. This did take me several hours to do about 20 files with both ID3v2.4.0  and v1Tags. But, I had allot of changes to make too. Some songs were done with different People. Different Musicians at different times, since 1992. So, I basically ended up with 3 different "Templates", so to speak. It sure beat, Editing Each File by hand, one at a time!:)



EasyTAG - Tag editor for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MusePack and Monkey's Audio files, ...

   EasyTAG is a utility for viewing and editing tags for MP3, MP2, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack, Monkey's Audio and WavPack files. Its simple and nice GTK+ interface makes tagging easier under GNU/Linux or Windows.

    The program exists for the both versions of the GTK library 1.2 and 2.4.
The GTK 1.2 version wouldn't change a lot (may be some bugs fixes), as all new developments will be concentrated on the new GTK 2.4 version.

EasyTAG 2.x
Features of version 2.1:
    • View, edit, write tags of MP3, MP2 files (ID3 tag with pictures), FLAC files (FLAC Vorbis tag), Ogg Vorbis files (Ogg Vorbis tag), MP4/AAC (MP4/AAC tag), MusePack, Monkey's Audio files and WavPack files (APE tag),
    • Can edit more tag fields : Title, Artist, Album, Disc Album, Year, Track Number, Genre, Comment, Composer, Original Artist/Performer, Copyright, URL, Encoder name and attached Picture,
    • Auto tagging: parse filename and directory to complete automatically the fields (using masks),
    • Ability to rename files and directories from the tag (using masks) or by loading a text file,
    • Process selected files of the selected directory,
    • Ability to browse subdirectories,
    • Recursion for tagging, removing, renaming, saving...,
    • Can set a field (artist, title,...) to all other files,
    • Read file header informations (bitrate, time, ...) and display them,
    • Auto completion of the date if a partial is entered,
    • Undo and redo last changes,
    • Ability to process fields of tag and file name (convert letters into uppercase, downcase, ...),
    • Ability to open a directory or a file with an external program,
    • CDDB support using and servers (manual and automatic search),
    • A tree based browser or a view by Artist & Album,
    • A list to select files,
    • A playlist generator window,
    • A file searching window,
    • Simple and explicit interface!,
    • French, German, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Czech, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Danish, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese translation languages,
    • Written in C and uses GTK+ 2 for the GUI,
    • Package available for GNU/Linux and Windows.


  Kid3 - ID3 Tagger
If you want to easily tag multiple MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack, WMA, WAV and AIFF


With Kid3 you can:
  • Edit all ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 frames
  • Convert between ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags
  • Edit tags in MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack, WMA, WAV and AIFF files
  • Edit tags of multiple files, e.g. the artist, album, year and genre of all files of an album typically have the same values and can be set together.
  • Generate tags from filenames
  • Generate tags from the contents of tag fields
  • Generate filenames from tags
  • Rename and create directories from tags
  • Generate playlist files
  • Automatically convert upper and lower case and replace strings
  • Import from,, MusicBrainz, Discogs, Amazon and other sources of album data
  • Export tags as CSV, HTML, playlists, Kover XML and in other formats


I found another Tag Editor (puddletag) in my Fedora 14 Repo's today (03-06-12). I'm installing it and will try it out later... Ok, so I tried out Puddletag. It looks pretty good. It scans the folder you select for music files on Startup. Then, after the scan. That took a while for me. It opens up a window like this...

Puddle Tag Window, after my first Scan.

I like the interface and being able to see all of my music files in one window. It is pretty straight forward and looks like you could do some copying and pasting to get your Tags just the way you want them. After a while of looking around and playing a few of my music files. The only way I could find to Play the files, was to Right-Click on the File, when it's selected in the window. Easy, but a Play Button would be nice too. After a while though... I noticed that my CPU Fan was really Whirring. This gives me a clue that it us under a heavy load. So, I looked in on System Monitor. I'm running Fedora 14 Linux, by the way. And sure enough my CPU, was running between 50% and 95% Load!:O Now, I only have a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo and 2.5 Gig of Ram. But Still... I don't have much trouble with most Apps doing this in Fedora, OpenSuse or ArtistX, which are all on this System, in a Triple Boot Setup. Now, Flash and sometimes Java cause this Regularly, when running in FireFox and Chrome. But, that's another Story... So, I don't think that I will be using puddletag  again any time soon. Not unless I am able to Build a new System with a much Faster Processor and more RAM. 

Here's a Screen Shot of my System - CPU Load.



A tag editor for GNU/Linux.

What it is

puddletag is an audio tag editor (primarily created) for GNU/Linux similar to the Windows program, Mp3tag. Unlike most taggers for GNU/Linux, it uses a spreadsheet-like layout so that all the tags you want to edit by hand are visible and easily editable.
The usual tag editor features are supported like extracting tag information from filenames, renaming files based on their tags by using patterns and basic tag editing.
Then there’re Functions, which can do things like replace text, trim it, do case conversions, etc. Actions can automate repetitive tasks. You can import your QuodLibet library, lookup tags using Amazon (including cover art), Discogs (does cover art too!), FreeDB and MusicBrainz. There’s quite a bit more, but I’ve reached my comma quota.
Supported formats: ID3v1, ID3v2 (mp3), MP4 (mp4, m4a, etc.), VorbisComments (ogg, flac), Musepack (mpc), Monkey’s Audio (.ape) and WavPack (wv).

Why it is

Keeping an XP partition for Mp3tag just wasn’t feasible anymore.

How it’s different

To Mp3tag it’s not that different. Mp3tag has things puddletag doesn’t have, puddletag has things Mp3tag doesn’t. Skim the menus section to get an overview of the differences.
However, compared to other GNU/Linux taggers the differences are much too vast to list.

What you need


If you are looking for Windows Based Tag Editors. Check this out... 

Gizmo's - Best Free MP3 Tag Editor | Gizmo's Tech Support Alert

Go there...

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