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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Riding Rockets and Jet Powered Sleds, Go Carts and Bikes in Sweden

Last pulsejet test before the race

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Successful run of the new Thunderchine design

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Lördagsmys without laddtryckspys!

Those of you who sat banged in front of the live broadcast today was unfortunately not directly value for money then the sound was missing and the places where the right choppy picture of witness testimony, but it was a nice attempt and the next time we try us on something like this, we will be sure to get fjong little better at it. Bjursingen have a right from the webcam that rotates automagically so there are resources you should know!

Anyway, it became the test start and everything flowed relatively undramatic, a leaking fuel coupling and a little unbalanced at certain speeds must be corrected and a new oil pump to be built when the old diaphragm pump is to drop the oil up the pressure when the oil gets hot.

I was on 2.2bar boost at most so it is little more to get before I reach the MAX RPM on 70.000rpm, unfortunately fell reflective tape to the tachometer off from the compressor wheel at 2 bar so I did not dare to relax more. Thanks to the new tighter O-ring of the motor housing does not leak air mass fell exhaust the temperature 60-70 ° C compared with before, so now I can close up jetdysan right good before I reach maxtempen at 750 ° C, thus gaining mass more thrust!

It's a small list of Things To Do-stuff this time too, luckily it's only improvements and no repairs after last run ... =)

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Early one morning later ...

Now it's back bracket to ejektorkonan manufactured and ejector painted in heat resistant paint. I'm ashamed to admit that I spray painted it but it seems to be no hammer that can withstand 800 ° C ...

Still to do is to align the ejector slightly, front mount is tad wrong but there is nothing that can not arrange a big sledgehammer ...

The vehicle for rocket engine forward looking

As usual, we go the events right considerably in advance and expect cold with the engine holds together and begins with the craft in my stash back of the cold garage was my old gocartram and overall bird shit so I lugged it in, and a gallon of cold degreasing later, they remain relatively avföringsfri.

It will be runners instead of wheels and most likely will frame extended a bit so it gets a little less nervous in the control. No advantage in that it is fast-driven when you just want to go right up ...

The first tank with the engine cooling was to lead the methanol through the engine to cool the combustion chamber before it is injected and burned, but after some thought (cross on the ceiling!) I agreed with myself that it probably needs a larger cooling flow than the 6 liters methanol per minute that the engine wants.

The advantage of a go-cart-mounted rocket engine is that I do not have the same restrictions on weight and space rocket builders have, so I've decided to build a separate cooling system with water or special coolant that is pumped in a closed system through the engine and a water cooler. Combined with the ceramic coating inside the combustion chamber should the combustor and nozzle made of aluminum have a relatively cool and pleasant existence. =)

Written by Jackson in the category 1000N NOX / methanol rocket engine .
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March 27

The rocket motor is ready!

As an aside with the update today, I can drop some spy pictures of the finished (aside from some color) rocket engine MR-1000, I sneaked out before dinner and welded the sealing ring Olov turned to me in the motor housing and screwed everything up.

Just as a size comparison, I put the rocket engine next to my AMT Pegasus turbine, they are almost identical in size, but the rocket engine is estimated to have 6.5 times more thrust ... =)

Chest Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire... Everybody Sing! Jack Frost Nippin at your Nose... OH! NO!!! Not, for me!!!!;) Sorry, I couldn't resist, that one;)... I think, I'll just stay in and sip some more of my Swedish Hot Chocolate;) Looks like the Swedes, do more than just make great Hot Chocolate!:) 


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