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Monday, March 19, 2012

StorageBot - voice controlled robotic parts finder

StorageBot by Danh Trinh

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StorageBot - Behind The Scenes

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StorageBot - voice controlled robotic parts finder


I created the StorageBot to help solve a problem experienced by most Makers. After many years of accumulating thousands of parts stored in storage bins, I began to go crazy looking for parts scattered between so many of these bins. The hardest parts to find were always those rare miscellaneous parts that were thrown somewhere into a "junk" bin. StorageBot solves the location problem by listening to my voice commands, processing the location of parts from a master database and then delivering the matching bins in a manner that only a robot can do!

StorageBot does have a bigger picture when it comes to purpose. I explain in my video that it's not about building a StorageBot that's important, but rather it's the skills we can learn from such projects that help to enrich our knowledge and inspire us to build the next great thing or start the next cool business. 

In this Instructable you'll gain insights into the electronics, mechanics and software systems used to create useful projects by utilizing commonly available components such as the Arduino and stepper motors.

I've included a bazillion pictures and files. Source code for the Aduino program, source code for the Visual Basic voice recognition software, DXF files for the ABS parts, schematics for the electronics, 3D files drawn in the free Autodesk 123D program, parts list, etc... It's all here!

If you find this project inspirational and helpful then don't forget to vote for it in the ShopBot contest. I would use a ShopBot to create the ABS parts, aluminum parts and vaccuum form molds for my next generation home robots.



I really like this one!:) That Bot, could save me hours of searching, every time I build or repair anything, in my Packed Full Garage! I like his little Robot too. There are several more videos on his YouTube Page here, I would like to see that new Robot in action too...


StorageBot - voice controlled robotic parts finder
StorageBot finds all your components, makes your storage drawers feel inadequate - Hack a Day
StorageBot - voice controlled robotic parts finder
StorageBot by Danh Trinh - YouTube
Download: Speech Software Development Kit 5.1 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
imaginerobots's Channel - YouTube
StorageBot - Behind The Scenes - YouTube

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