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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Programatik 2009 (Windows), from ANF Software - Software Downloads - TechRepublic

Programatik 2009 (Windows)

File Management
ANF Software,
Installation File,
Microsoft Windows
ANF Software

Overview: The Programatik, with its very form, is a program which can store important information, links, Installation file paths, Explanations of Computer Programs for you. Furthermore, it can be differentiated from an ordinary program via its improved visual quality. Of course it is not limited only with that, it aims to ease your works with Multiple Language support, ability to make your own translation, multiple search with I-FRAME, Possibility to prepare your own Multiple Search system, direct linking possibility to Program's producer and to the Installation file.

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Format: Software | Date: Nov 2008 | Version: 2009 | License: Free | Downloads: 4

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