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Monday, March 30, 2015

Grafting Trees - How to Graft a Tree - YouTube Videos

When I was growing up in the 60's - 70's. My PaPa (Grandpa), loved working in his Yard. He had be most beautiful Lawn on the Block. Full of Trees, Shrubs, St Augustine and Bermuda Grass. On Year. He decided to do a little, Tree Grafting. I was a Teenager, by this time. And his Trees were all 40ft to 50ft Tall. He was getting up in years. So, he asked me to do the Ladder Climbing. And do the Grafts, up high on the Limbs, that he chose. I thought this was the coolest thing. I didn't know, that this could even be done. I can't remember, what type of Trees, we Grafted onto. Nor what, type of Tree limbs, we Grafted onto them, now. I'm thinking, we Grafted little Pecan limbs onto the Big Trees. The big trees were not the common Post Oak or Live Oaks Trees. That we have here in N Texas. The were Trees, that he had Planted. Long before I was born. Back in the 40's. When they first bought the house. During WWII. The Trees in the Front Yard, had big leaves and very large and tough bark. You could hardly knock it off, it you were to hit it with a hammer. Not, that I ever did that;) But, the Trees, that we Grafted. Were close to the house. He had several varieties of Trees, in his Yard. And now, I can't even remember, if the Trees that we Grafted. Were Big or Smooth Barked Trees. I Just remember. The Black Tar. He had me coat the Grafts with. That stuff, was very hard to get of your hands and clothes. And I remember. That, some of the Grafted Branches lived and some died. I always, thought. I want to do that on my own Trees. Some day. But, I have never got around to it, yet. So, today. I ran across some good How To Videos. On How to do Tree Grafting. It's doesn't seem as Tricky, as it did, back when I was young. So, check out these two Embedded Videos and the Links below too...


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