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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Firefox in Fedora Linux - Error Shows chrome://gbe/content/scripts/overlay.js:1053 - Script Keeps hanging up on Firefox Startup

The Error shows "chrome://gbe/content/scripts/overlay.js:1053" (also several other numbers) The Script, Keeps hanging up on Firefox Startup. Making it take several minutes to open up. After I select "don't ask again" and Click on Stop this Script. Firefox works fine. But, it is a real Pain. I will see if can find it and delete it or maybe the Addon that uses it. Checked chrome folders in /home/don .mozilla and my firefox folders. I found a bunch of *overlay.js in virt:/Search results - *overlay.js in home don .mozilla all Search. But, none show up with the number 1053 or 1839, in file names or text search. I Don't know how to find out which Script, is causing this error. I have also searched my /usr Directory. But, found nothing in those searches. Will try *overlay.js for my search terms and see... Found nothing. Will try using BleachBit System Cleanup App... Good! That did the Trick! I always forget about BleachBit. It's a great System Cleanup App. And there are versions for Linux and Windows. If I would have remembered and used BleachBit, from the Start... That could have saved me two days of searching, figuring and aggravation!:O Check out the links below, for info on BleachBit... 

Update: 03-22-15

Well, the same Problem, came back a day or so later. Firefox, takes a minute or so, to open up. Then shows, a Script Error. They are all similar, but have different numbers, at the end of the name... So, I went ahead and uninstalled a couple of the Firefox Addons, that I don't use allot. Two of them are very old and don't seem to work just right. I can't remember the exact names of the Addons, right now. But, one was called Fess Google Bookmarks (English Translation Page, I installed it for accecessing and adding Bookmarks to the old Google Bookmarks, from Firefox. It only allowed you to Accecess and Add Bookmarks. And I'm pretty sure I saw a Drop down menu, with Right Click, at some point. Which would allow you to upload Bookmarks, form Firefox to Google Bookmarks. But, it stopped working. Right click only brings up the Regular Firefox Menu now. And the only reason, I wanted Fess Google Bookmarks. Was to backup my Bookmarks to Google Bookmarks. Since I recently lost about 2 months of Bookmarks. The other one, that I removed. Was, a Page Tweeker. I can't remember the exact name of it. And can't find it in Firefox Extensions or my ScreenShots folder, right now. It had some good features. Some things, that Addblock Plus can't do. But, it is very old and some of the Support Page links are no longer good. I didn't see a noticeable change in the Pages I Surfed, the last week or so. Since, I installed it. So, I removed, it too. I've only opened up Firefox, one time, since the uninstalls and a Reboot. So, I'll see how things go, from here...


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