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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Firefox - How To Uninstall an unwanted App in Firefox

I decided to try out the Apps in Firefox 36.0.1, Today. I installed something that looked interesting to me. All went fine. And soon, a Popup showed up on the top right of my Firefox Window. I clicked on it and the App, opened up. But, after that. I could not find a way to open up the new App again. I restarted Firefox. But, still could not find anything pertaining to the App, anywhere in Firefox. I then decided I didn't need it and went to Addons to uninstall the App. Apps are no where to be found, anywhere in Firefox. Only the Apps Page, called Firefox Marketplace. I did a few searches and found No info on how to uninstall an App from Firefox. I looked through all of the Firefox Menus and the Preferences as well (several times). Not believing, that Firefox would Advertise an App, that couldn't be uninstalled. Finally I did a Google Search for "uninstall app in Firefox"... and found out, that I was wrong. Firefox does indeed, leave you hanging in the lurch, when you install one of their Apps. Evidently, this is a common problem, with these Firefox Apps. Not only do they give no info on how to uninstall their Apps. But, the process differs form OS to OS. And in my case, in Fedora Linux. The info that I found, on this page, which sounded easy enough. Does Not work in my System. The App does not Show up in my Package Manager. So, I guess I will have to Search and Manually Delete, all of the Apps files. Like these people, did here, What a Pain! I don't have time to do this now. So, here's the info. For later...

Ok, so I found the Directory, mentioned in the links. Talking about the Manual Method of Removing an App, from Firefox, in Linux. I did find the App, that I wanted to remove. I just moved the file, to a Backup Folder. In case I wanted to put it back. If doing this caused some kind of problem, in Firefox. Firefox showed now changes, in operation. And did not use any more or less resources. So, I put the App file back in the original folde. Just in case, it might cause something to go wrong, later on... 


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