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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Table Saw Kickback Video and SawStop Device and more

I was a Cabinet Maker, back in the 80's. And I've seen my share of Table Saw and Router Table Accidents. Almost every "Cut out Man", that I knew was missing a finger, thumb or had a "Nubby" of some kind. So, I never really wanted to be a Cut out Man. I had a few very scary accidents, my self. But, I was always very careful, about where I put my fingers and often used a "Push Stick" to Push those small pieces through the Table Saw or Router Table. There can actually be a Danger in using Push Stick or Commercially Mad Pus Blocks, though. They can easily slip and actually cause your Piece of Wood to get Crooked and cause a Kickback. I once had a Piece of 3/4in X 1-1/2in Oak, Kickback on an 8HP Router Table. It ended up stuck in the Wall, 10ft away!"O I had a small Piece of wood Kickback and hit me, right in the Pelvic Regen. But, I was wearing my Leather Nail Bag, at the time. And the thick Leather, saved me from nothing more than a Bruise. It's those small pieces, that are most dangerous. But, the are something that has to be done. So, any way, that it can be done more safely. Is all Right by Me. I spent many days, Ripping 10 to 16ft Raw Oak. Getting it ready to make Face Plate Styles. And then Running all of that wood through the Planer. I did everything from Cutting out Boxes, at times. To Cutting, Building, Sanding Cabinets and Doors. And I liked going out to install the Cabinets too. That got me out of the Shop, once in a while. I came across these Videos Today. They are on the Dangers of Kickbacks on a Table Saw and on a (new to me) device, called the SawStop. Check em out. They just might Save you a Finger...


Table Saw Kickback Video and SawStop Device and more...

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