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Sunday, April 14, 2013

SUSE Studio 1.3: Linux Appliances Head to the Cloud - Datamation

I build a couple of my own Personal SUSE OS's in SUSE Studio a while back, 2 or 3 years ago, now.  SUSE Studio, was very easy to us. By just getting in there and reading the the instructions, as you go. I had planned on Sharing my SUSE Remix. But, I kept getting errors in the Build, Rendering or Compiling Phase. What ever they call it... in my Firefox Browser, in Fedora 14 Linux. I was able to finish about 5 of my Remixes and installed one on my Machine. It runs great. But, I was not satisfied with all of the Apps that I had chosen, yet. I installed Yum, because I like it and I have some App install scripts that I made for Yum. But, SUSE doesn't use Yum for it's App management. So, that didn't work. I tried several times on different days to finish my SUSE Project. But, still kept getting the same Build Errors in SUSE Studio. It would lock up and never finish the Build. So, decided to wait until they got the bugs out of the SUSE Studio Site. I still haven't gone back and tried again, though. But, if those Build Bugs are worked out now. This Cloud Based Setup, looks like something worth trying out...


SUSE Studio 1.3: Linux Appliances Head to the Cloud

Updated Linux creation tool aims to make it easier to enable cloud application deployments.

Applications, whether they are at an enterprise data center or in the cloud, typically need an operating system on which to run. When it comes to virtual machines, software appliances are the answer, embedding applications with the OS.

One of the easiest ways to build a software appliance is the SUSE Studio Linux technology. SUSE is now updating the software appliance building technology with its 1.3 release.

SUSE Studio was first launched in 2009 as a free online service. The effort was expanded in 2010 with first release of a commercial on-premise SUSE Studio version. The most recent release was the SUSE Studio 1.2 release which provided the ability to build Linux software appliance that could run on mainframes.

In SUSE Studio 1.3 the focus is on the cloud.

"You can now build appliances for SUSE Cloud and other OpenStack based clouds," Andreas Jaeger, program manager at SUSE told Datamation.

The SUSE Cloud became generally available in August of 2012 and is OpenStack based. SUSE is one of the founding members of the OpenStack Foundation.

With SUSE Studio 1.3 a user can build a software appliance for an application and then automatically have that image imported into a running SUSE Cloud instance.

"We're using the Webhooks feature in SUSE Cloud, which can check to see what images have been built," Jaeger said.

SUSE Studio 1.3 is also able to build images that can be pulled into other OpenStack based cloud deployments. HP, Dell, Rackspace and AT&T are among the many vendors building public OpenStack cloud deployments today. Jaeger explained that a cloud administrator can choose to enable Webhooks in the cloud of their choice. The Webhooks can them be connected to an OpenStack Glance image service with SUSE Studio to access the software appliance images.

"It costs us money to host it and for the storage, but it's still a free service and we have no plans to change that," Jaeger said. "We are discussing whether it might makes sense to add some premium features, but currently we have no plans to do so."


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