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Friday, April 12, 2013

So, now there's a FaceBook Phone???

In the past two days. I have received 10 notices for the same message, from a friend on FaceBook... How do you turn that Krap off!??? Every time it get things set the way I want. FaceBook changes it for me!:( I think I'll Pass on this one... 


'Facebook phone' arrives, but will consumers like it?

Edward Baig review: Facebook Home and the HTC First

The "Facebook phone" is finally available, but how quickly will it make friends with consumers?

Starting today, owners of select Android smartphones can download Facebook Home, a new interface with a suite of apps that ties users more closely to the social network.

Home includes Cover Feed, transforming the user's home screen into a scrolling feed of friends' updates, and Chat Heads to keep in touch through Facebook or text messages, even while using other apps.

As part of Home's launch, Facebook is introducing a smartphone — the HTC First for AT&T ($99 with a contract) — optimized to run the interface.

ED BAIG: HTC First an intimate Facebook experience

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