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Friday, September 3, 2010

Using Yum --SkipBroken

Skip broken

The yum --skip-broken command can save you allot of headaches when you have a stubborn App that doesn't want to update. But, you want to keep the App and update the rest.

Skip broken is a feature in yum to skip packages from the transaction there have dependency problems or introduce problems to the installed packages

How to use.

add the '--skip-broken' option to the yum command line to activate the skip broken feature. yum update --skip-broken

Helping to make it better.

If there is a situation where skip broken bail out then please check the upstream yum version to help make it better.


git clone cd yum git checkout --track -b yum-3_2_X origin/yum-3_2_X sudo ./ --skip-broken -d7 <the yum command causing troubles>

If you find Problems. Please start a ticket on this site, or on if you are running Fedora

Download the above in Plain Text format.

Go there...

Do this First... Make sure you have Skip-Broken installed on your System.

Type the following command as root user:

# yum -y install yum-skip-broken

Then you can use --skip-broken...

If you have an Update to an App, that is hanging up your Updates in the Fedora GUI Update App. Then you can Run this Command and Yum will Just Update the Apps that don't produce Errors, for now... Usually Later on the Problems will be fixed by the Upstream App Maintainers and you can do the hanging updates later.


# yum -y update --skip-broken

If you are wanting to Upgrade your Distro. From say, Fedora 13 to Fedora 14. Use this Command. (After you have installed and allowed the Preupgrade Package to do it's work).

Read More about PreUpgrade...

Upgrade Command:

# yum -y upgrade --skip-broken

This is where I got the Commands...

I like to use --skip-broken in my Yum Install Scripts, to make them finish running. This way I can install most of the apps from one of my Fedora Systems on another Fedora System. I use this when I am Re-Installing a Fedora OS and when I want to Duplicate a System. First I, List installed packages with YUM. Then I make an Install Script that I can use to automatically install all of the Apps in my Apps List. Read More here, Don's favorite Fedora Apps. My Apps Lists are long and can take 2 or 3 hours on my High Speed (18mbps) Internet Connection. But, it saves weeks of work. Since it took me a long time to Research and Install each App Separately...


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