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Saturday, September 4, 2010

EEVblog dissects a kindle 3 - Hack a Day

EEVblog dissects a kindle 3

posted Sep 3rd 2010 10:51am by Caleb Kraft
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[Dave] over at the EEVblog did a review of the kindle 3 recently, but never got to the good stuff, the guts.  He is now rectifying this with a full video dissection of the eReader. Full of details on how to open it up as well as specifics on the internals, this is a fun video to watch. One thing that caught our attention was the RFID tag on the inside of the case.  It is probably for inventory tracking, but we can’t help but have a few tinfoil hat type thoughts. You can watch the video after the break.

[thanks Julius]

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