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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Re: [DonsDeals] New comment on [Phoronix] How An Old Pentium 4 System Runs With U....

Well, my first thought would be that Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 is just too much of a resource Hog to run on a P4. I have found all Versions of Ubuntu from 4.0 on to be much slower than Fedora or Debian. 

Then there is the big problem recently with Flash and JavaScript Apps on Web Sties causing your CPU to run at 100% in Firefox. Basically causing your Computer to grind to a slow halt. This problem has been giving me headaches on my Intel 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo System with Fedora 13 recently.

Flash causing 100% cpu usage
flash causing 100% cpu usage - Google Search
When using Adobe Flash Player 10 why is there high cpu/memory usage (100% utilization)?
Firefox CPU usage - MozillaZine Knowledge Base - flashblock: index
NoScript - JavaScript/Java/Flash blocker for a safer Firefox experience! - what is it? - InformAction
I Installed FlashBlock and NoScript to Block Flash and Java today. In the past I fount these types of Browser Addon's to be too much of a Pain to Surf with. But with the Present !00% CPU usage Problems, I thought I would try these two that are mentioned on MozillaZine on the Firefox CPU usage Page at And Yep... Java Blocker NoScript makes if a Real Big Pain to surf my most visited Sites. Because none of the Navigation Buttons and Drop Downs work. So, after messing with the settings for about 5 minutes, I just Disabled NoScript and left it there in case I really need it that bad later. I'm still trying out FlashBlock. So far it is pretty easy to enable. On YouTube I just had to do one click to get a video to play. After I added the Icon to my Firefox Navigation Tool Bar, by right clicking on it and dragging it p there. We'll see how my Surfing Goes Now...

But as far as a good Disrto to run on a P4 with 64MB of Dedicated Memory (My P4 has a real AGP Video Card, not Shared Video Memory). My P4 has 1GB of Ram and it runs great on Fedora 12 and I'm getting ready to Install Fedora 13 on it. Also Debian Etch and a half, Not the Ubuntu Remixes, runs very well on my P4. I'm going to upgrade it to Debian Lenney soon or maybe another newer Debian Remix. Also, ArtistX 8.0 runs just fine on it, straight off of the DVD. But it is slower running from the DVD Drive than off of the HD. I Installed ArtistX on my 1.8GHz Core 2 and it ran alright, except the Search feature in the Apps and Folders Menu is just too slow to use. And with all of the Apps in ArtistX, that it a real shame. I had built my Debian Etch system into ArtistX and I love having all of those AV Apps there and ready to use. So, I think I will just start with Debian Lenney or maybe another true Debian Remix and build it up into ArtisX again. If you would like to try out Fedora 13 (my favorite Distro for Daily Computing and Internet). But, need more than the few basic Apps that come with Fedora. I have made an install Script and a Text file you can download to use to install allot of my favorite Apps. Look on this page of my Blog for them... 

Don's favorite Fedora Apps...

Don's favorite Fedora Apps and Dependency's... These are my Fedora 13 Apps, Install lists to date as of 08-11-10. You can scan over the lists to get the idea of all the Apps that will be installed. They include everything from Open Office to Audio Video Editing Apps, Image Editing. Basically, if More's Better... then Too much is Just Right!;) Really, I think allot of AV Computer Geeks like me would like to have these Apps on their System. But installing them takes allot of time and research too. These files will help you install all of these Apps in Fedora 13 all in one Terminal Session.
Go there and

Also, I have tried out Mint and Peppermint lately and they are nice Distros too. Even though they are Based on Ubuntu. Peppermint runs great from the CD on my P4 and my 1.8GHz Core 2. The DVD Drive in my P4 is older reads slower, so everything lags a bit on it when running from CD or DVD. But with the Newer faster DVD Drive on the 1.8GHZ. Mint and Peppermint run great on it. And I just found out that there is a straight Debian version of Mint out now. I can't wait to try it out!:)

Linux Mint's Debian Delight! | Jim Lynch: Tech Tips, Opinions and Reviews

Linux Mint's Debian Delight!

Life is full of surprises, some of them good and some of them bad. This week I got a great surprise when a Debian version of Linux Mint was released. I wasn't aware that the Linux Mint developers were even working on it, so the release was quite unexpected. I did a full review of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) for the Desktop Linux Reviews Blog, but I wanted to talk about why this release is so important and helpful for desktop Linux users.

Not Everybody is a Fan of Ubuntu...
Go there and

Hope this helps...


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Stumbled upon your website because I was searching for a reason why 10.04 runs so sluggishly on a P4. 100% cpu usage too. I wonder if it's due to my nvidia card (an 8 year old!)

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